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By Kathy Divine

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We have a new issue of the magazine out now!

Australian Vegans Journal No. 3 is ready for pre-order.

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Update 6th June 2017

We've posted out all of the single purchase AVJ #2 perks, Get The Set perks, Book and magazine combo perks. Overseas orders will be posted tomorrow as well as multiple AVJ#2 orders.

Thank you for your amazing support!

We have kept this page active for anyone who has just discovered our project and wants to purchase a perk.

From the whole Australian Vegans Journal team, a HUGE thank you for supporting vegan independent magazine publishing. You're the best!

Firstly, thank you ...

Thanks to everyone's great support of the launch of Australian Vegans Journal last year, we are back with volume two! Yay! We cannot express enough our gratitude for the amazing support for volume one. We've SOLD OUT and are now ready to sell volume two. Read on to see what volume two will include...

What is Australian Vegans Journal?

In case you missed the memo last year, here is a brief overview of what we are doing: Australian Vegans Journal is an independent, ethical vegan publication with articles written by vegans from across Australia.

It's about ideas.


How we can collaborate to accelerate the progress of veganism.

The ways we can be more effective, smarter and more strategic, in order to reach the hearts and minds of people.

It's the thinking vegan's journal.

It's the pioneering vegan's journal.

Together we have created a journal that informs, inspires and supports vegans and those looking into adopting veganism.

Contents of Volume Two

Volume two of Australian Vegans Journal is a very special, powerful collection of articles and images from a diverse cross-section of the Australian vegan community. We are absolutely thrilled to have Ashley Avci as our cover ambassador for this volume as she is a highly effective, passionate animal activist as well as a highly intelligent ethical leader. She emodies the values and qualities we seek to share with the world through Australian Vegans Journal, and so couldn't be happier that she said "yes" to the cover and the interview we did with her! We hope you enjoy reading her inspiring words too.

Here is the complete contents of AVJ vol. 2:

(It's 80+ pages of super content. No fluff, all good stuff).

On the Cover

Interview with Ashley Avci


Raising Children Vegan: An Interview with Robyn Chuter Part 2

Reviews Of Walking Into the Light: Diary of a Vegan Diabetic


From the Police Force to the Pyrenees -- Jan Saunders


Reducing Australia's Public Health Burden -- Michael Dello-Iacovo

For the Animals

Country Vegan Outreach -- Renata Halpin and Mo Orr

The Billy Simmonds ‘Strength in Kindness’ Australian High School Tour -- Nadia Schilling

The Dos and Don'ts of Running an Animal Sanctuary -- Bede Carmody

Standing Up For Animals Around Australia: Pig Vigil Report -- Corey Thompson (Animal Liberation Victoria)


Simple Ideas To Consider When Thinking About Your Brand -- Sara Kidd

Intersectionality and Business -- Katrina Fox

Interviews with vegan business owners: Anita Ahmadizadeh (Financial Philosophy), Cassie Heneghan (Seeds to Feeds) and Rachel Walker (Chilli Couture)

Vegan Collective -- Chris Rowe and Kate Jones


Vegan Life -- Glenn Flanagan


Interview with Nikita DeThierry


Give the Government a Piece of Your Mind! -- Greg McFarlane

Human Rights

The Veiled: Intersectional Veganism from a Filmaker's Perspective -- Glenn Fraser


Climate of Cruelty -- Michael Koenig

Review: Cowspiracy -- Colleen Hilditch


Artist Jo Frederiks interview

Eco Fashion Designer Lily Cardis interview

Intersection Documentary Maker Kirsten Leiminger interview


Why We Need Hope -- and How to Maintain It -- Michelle Gravolin

Motivation -- Ash Nayate


Thriving as a Vegan -- Clare Mann


Delicious recipes by Nicole English (from Raw Kiwi), David Nightingale (from A Fist Full of Hummus) and Nouha Salim (from Lebanese Vegan).

Eco Fashion

Interview with Justin Mead from Vegan Style


Veganic Gardening Tips -- Sue Torlach

Rave Reviews

Chocolate reviews by Tamsin Dean Einspruch (Chocolates are from The Chocolate Yogi and Decadent Handmade Chocolates)

Turning Points in Compassion review -- Jeanette Woolerton

Like what you see? Buy it today!

If you like what you've read, we invite you to click on the buttons on the right and buy printed copies of Australian Vegans Journal.

Thanks to the support of our advertisers and those who buy printed copies, we are able to provide the digital version for FREE via Whoever contributes to the campaign will be sent a message with a link to the digital version as soon as it is available. Everyone can access the digital version for free, so share the link with your friends! (Estimated digital launch is late March 2017)

A big part of what we do is vegan outreach. We will be sending copies of AVJ vol. 2 to members of parliament, the mainstream media, corporates and other influencers. We also distribute free printed copies to doctor's waiting rooms and other public places so non-vegans can check it out.

The more printed copies we sell, the more outreach we can afford to do. If you share our vision of a vegan world and like what you've read here, please buy a printed copy or two.

We print on 100% recycled paper using veg-based inks with a printer who prides themselves on their commitment to sustainable and fair trade practices. Considerable time and effort goes into sourcing sustainable suppliers at every step of production.


We would like to thank our sponsors for coming on board for volume two. All sponsors are vegans who run 100% vegan businesses. We save all our sponsored ad space for them as we treasure the commitment these businesses have to servicing the Australian community with their ethical products and services and their commitment to being vegan themselves. We have limited sponsor spots left for volume two. Please see the perks opposite for details. To apply, you must be vegan yourself and run a 100% vegan business.

A big thanks to the following sponsors and supporters. Please support them if you can:

My Baby Cakes

Cruelty Free Super

Cherry Brown

GoGo Vego

AVS Organics

More Than PKD

Financial Philosophy

Forward Thinking Design

The Happy Apostrophe

Fry's Family Foods

Earth to Table Cafe

Communicate 31 (Clare Mann)

Vegan Business Media (Katrina Fox)

Rob Fordham

Grace Love

Gypsy Wulff

Vegan Festival Adelaide

Vegan Card

The Cruelty Free Shop

Everything Vegan and Vegan Online

Vegan Society NSW

Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions or media requests, please email [email protected]

If you are a retailer, and would like to stock Australian Vegans Journal, please email Kathy for wholesale rates.

We also offer wholesale rates if you buy bulk quantities for other purposes, and especially if you're going to place magazines in public places. Please get in touch.

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Thank you very much for your kind support!

**estimated delivery of printed copies is late May 2017

**We send regular email messages to keep everyone in the loop regarding delivery timeframes.

**Please email [email protected] if you are outside of Australia and wanting to purchase journals.

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