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Worried about the future we’re creating?

Are you concerned about the environment, inequality, the future of work, drug laws, the wellbeing of young people? Australia is facing many big issues that need smarter solutions.

But fake news and politicians jostling for power are making things worse.

They’re not looking at the big picture or the long term. Difficult issues keep getting dumped in the too hard basket.

Feeling powerless to change anything?

You’re not the only one!

What we need is intelligent public debate, based on sound research, honest evidence and fresh ideas.

One person can’t change everything on their own, but together we can make a real difference.

Australia21 unravels national problems and builds smarter solutions.

We bring together experts, decision makers, business people, researchers and ordinary Australians like you and me, to check the evidence and come up with fair, sustainable and inclusive laws and policies to fix national problems. We focus on the issues, not the politics.

That’s powerful stuff.

Now you can help Australia21 shape a better future — and double your impact!

Say ‘yes’ to smarter solutions and a better future, by donating to Australia21.

Until June 30, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar by core supporters, up to our target of $40,000. That means if we reach the target, we’ll unlock AN EXTRA $40,000 to run three more collaborative projects on the big issues confronting Australia.

So get in now and double your impact!

Sponsor a solution

By donating you will:

Your donation will help us research the evidence, connect people, hold roundtable meetings, run workshops, develop innovative policy solutions, present the solutions to politicians and policy makers, and share them far and wide. The more we raise, the more we’ll be able to do!

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible and your contribution, no matter how small or large, will help us on our way.

And don’t forget to share news of our appeal, so your friends can also help shape a better future.

Thank you for helping shape a better future!

PS Other donation methods

Would you prefer to donate by cheque or straight to our bank account? Here's how:

  • Send a cheque to: Australia21 Limited, PO Box 3244, Weston ACT 2611
  • Use the Pay Anyone facility on your own bank account. Our details are:
    BSB 313 140
    Account No 2319 3882

We'll send you a receipt if you drop us an email at [email protected].

Learn more:

Get in contact: [email protected]

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