Minus18 Atrium – LGBT Youth Space

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We're creating Victoria's only youth-led space for LGBT young people. Chip in and help take Minus18's work to the next level.

Imagine being a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender young person feeling isolated and alone. Imagine being too afraid to be yourself. Imagine feeling like you don't belong.

For too many LGBT young people across Australia, this is an everyday experience – individuals being told they're less than because of who they are and how they identify.

For the past 16 years, Minus18 has been fighting to change that. Through events, resources, workshops and mental health support, we're improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of LGBT young people from all over Australia – and now we have an even bigger dream.

We're excited to announce our next big project – the Minus18 Atrium!

A safe space for LGBT youth, the Atrium will empower young people from all over Melbourne to come together and be part of a youth-led movement challenging homophobia and transphobia in Australia.

The Atrium will enable collaborative LGBT projects, workshops and events – a space where young people are the ones calling the shots.

The Atrium is
  • a space where young people are inspired to lead change in their communities,
  • a space where young people can meet other LGBT youth and feel at home,
  • and, most importantly, a space where young people from all over Melbourne can come and be themselves.
At Minus18, we have more than 50 young volunteers and activists ready to create an Australia free from homophobia and transphobia. All we need is your help to make it happen.

We're starting from the ground up, and right now the Atrium is a blank and empty canvas. That's where you come in. Every dollar raised will go toward providing sorely needed equipment, furniture and infrastructure to help make this dream come to life.

Help us support LGBT young people make change in their schools and their communities.

$50 can buy a bucket of paint. $90 can buy a chair. $200 can buy a desk. $500 can buy us multimedia and creative software. Every dollar counts.
Australia's national organisation for LGBT youth, the Minus18 Foundation is young people leading change, building social inclusion and advocating for an Australia free from homophobia and transphobia. All donations to Minus18 are fully tax deductible.

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