Covid 19 asylum seekers emergency fund (Brighton)

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This is a crisis for everyone

As Covid 19 sweeps around the planet, millions of people are facing a sudden shock to their income and way of life. We have been inspired by the way communities are pulling together to help each other through the crisis. Even the government has stepped in to guarantee a livable income for many workers and self-employed people.

But some people have no safety net

We have been working for three years to provide temporary housing for refugees and migrants who have no documented right to reside in the UK. We are now in touch with about 50 asylum seekers and other migrants in Brighton & Hove who cannot access benefits and have no legal right to work.

Just like everyone else, our friends are scared of becoming ill, their movements are restricted, and they are suffering from the lack of basic supplies in the shops.

But unlike most people, they are not protected by any of the government schemes, and they are also scared of being reported to the authorities and put into immigration detention if they ask for help. 

The networks and services that were supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Brighton have been forced to close or go online. But many of the people we work with don't have reliable access to the internet and can't easily access support that's not face to face.

Our emergency fund

We are setting up an emergency fund to make regular cash payments to all the local asylum seekers and other undocumented migrants we are aware of. By providing £20 a week to each person (including children), we hope to help them make it through the crisis.

This is our contribution to a joint effort to provide food and support to refugees and migrants in the city - we are working hand in hand with Voices in Exile, Sanctuary on Sea, Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum, the Hummingbird Project and Brighton & Hove City Council.

Can you help?

We only have enough money in the bank to last two weeks. We are appealing for additional funds so that we can offer this support for longer.

Every £1000 we raise can keep this fund going for another week. 

That's £5 each from 200 people.

If you still have money coming in, please consider sharing a little with people in your community who have nothing.

In a pandemic, we can clearly see that the wellbeing of each of us is important for the health of all of us. 

Please help us to make Brighton & Hove a community where nobody is left out in the cold.

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