Fix Astro's Deformed Paw

By Greyhound Rescue

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Astro the puppy!

Poor little six month old Astro has arrived at Greyhound Rescue with a severely deformed leg. The upside? Greyhound Rescue are committed to getting him the care he needs to live his best possible life! In spite of the serious deformity which means he can't walk properly on the leg, he is an effervescent and bright little pup.

Astro needs some complex surgery

Astro will be able to live a normal life and walk without discomfort after some pretty complex surgery. Dr Michael from Alexandria Vet has referred us to specialist Dr Andrew Levien. The healing process will be long and potentially tricky, but he should recover well.

He is getting the best of care

The consensus is that this needs to be done ASAP before his bones have the chance to grow further with the deformity. He is being well looked after by our dedicated volunteers and his medical team, but the road to recovery will be delicate and everyone has their fingers crossed for no complications.

You can help Astro!

We need to raise $4000 to cover the costs of Astro's surgery and recovery. Greyhound Rescue relies on the generosity of donors like you to help us do what we do; saving puppies like little Astro who otherwise wouldn't be given a chance.

Any money raised above what is needed for Astro's vet bills will help us with other costs, which are many.

Thank you

Can you make a tax-deductible donation to help us cover the costs of Astro's surgery? In return we've a bunch of cool ways to say thank you, or you can simply make a contribution without selecting a perk. Astro will be forever grateful.


Since we have reached our goal Astro's surgery has been scheduled for June 11 and we are all hoping it goes well! All money raised above the initial costs of the surgery will be set aside in case of complications or unanticipated additional costs. If it isn't required for Astro we will allocate it towards one of our senior dogs, Tippi, who is suffering from cancer and has undergone an amputation.

***UPDATE 2***

Astro is home safe and sound! The vets, Dr Michael - Alexandria Vet and Dr Andrew - SVOS, have done an incredible job. It took around 3 hours in total and the X-rays show the plate has been aligned well. They also removed 2 useless toes. Now it’s all about post-operative care. He will be on strict rest for the next 6-8 weeks.

We all have our fingers crossed for no complications. Should there be any further problems we have the funds put aside. If Astro's journey is plain sailing then funds will be used to help Tippi, one of our older hounds battling cancer and a resulting amputation.

Thank you for everyone’s amazing support.

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