Ashland Folk Collective's 2019 Performance & Education Series

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A little bit of context

My name is Jacqui Aubert. I started this Non-Profit, The Ashland Folk Collective with my music & life partner Dan Sherrill in 2017. From 2012-2107 we toured the country with bands Patchy Sanders and currently with Hollis Peach. Now that we've "settled down" ;) we are curating music for our community, producing the kinds of shows that we loved performing at with all the most talented artists we met along the way.

We are happily working out butts off and want to continue to bring bad ass original music to our Valley!

Please donate- check out our rewards- and thank you! Love Dan and Jacqui and The Ashland Folk Collective

Here's Why

Ticket Sales & Sponsorships pay for part of the expenses, but for the organization to continue into the future we need to guarentee that our artists will be paid a fair living wage and that we get paid for the work that we do!

Here's the Breakdown!

It takes 40 hours to produce 1 show from - Conception, Booking, Graphic design, Promoting, Sound Engineering, Lighting, & Graphic Design

There is a common saying "buy the artists merchandise so they can buy gas." At the Ashland Folk Collective, we want to support artists so they aren't just paying for gas, but they are paying their rent so one day they can buy homes.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Do not fear! As creatives we are working all the angles and we have perserverance!

Through ticket sales, sponsorships, grants, and with this final piece of the pie, your support, we will achieve a full season of inspiring, dynamic, fabulously talented, and heartbreakingly beautiful, singers, songwriters, instrument players, and teachers!

With $10,000 we can produce 2 concerts a month & 5 workshops, all open to the community, to families, wheelchair accessible, geninue opportunities to hear the lyrics, to meet the performers, to learn, and to feel inspired.....and HAVE FUN!

You can join us

Please contribue whatever donation amount feels great to you. Whether money is tight and you want to donate $10 or you are a hardcore music lover and you want to donate $500, it is all going to help us reach our goal of $10,000.

This money will help ensure that each of our artists will recieve a guarentee for their performanc, meaning they will make a living wage, just like everyone deserves.

Your donation will also go to our brand new education program! Woohoo music education for all AGES! Here's how it will go- We will be pairing musical performances with education by offering workshops by the performers. Our aim is to broaden our communities musical knowledge and community connection. What could be better than having a music lesson with an artist you already doesn't really get music better.

And here’s some amazing rewards for supporting us

Our 2018 Compilation Album, private concerts, VIP passes to us and we will send you rewards!

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