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What are we trying to achieve?

We want to improve the health and education of people in Cambodia. Specifically, we are raising funds to improve the facilities at the Battambang Ophthalmic Care (BOC) hospital in Battambang province, and to help repair and improve the 'Dump School' in Phnom Penh and the 'Floating School' in Battambang Province.

Cambodia is one of the poorest nations in the world, and the devastation inflicted on the nation under the rule of the Khmer Rouge still reverberates today.

In addition to this campaign we are raising funds in our community to help support our goals.

How are you planning on spending the money?

All of the members of the team who will be travelling to Cambodia will be doing so at their own expense. All of the money raised will be devoted to supporting our projects in Cambodia.

We have a number of goals for the eye clinic and each of the schools:

Battambang Ophthalmic Care (BOC) hospital

BOC provided care for over twenty three thousand patients last year, it is the largest NGO of its type in Cambodia and receives most of its funding from donors in Australia. BOC does not receive any government funding.

Our major goal is to buy BOC a bus for the Village Health Volunteers (VHV's) to use for follow up appointments in remote areas and to also provide patient transport and mobile services to local villages. We are aiming to raise $30000.

Additionally we would like to raise funds for:
- two new operating tables to replace the timber benches that the surgeons currently use ($2800 each);
- patient seating for the waiting room and recovery room;
- drip stands; and
- training more field staff to assist with pre operative assessment and care.

The Floating School - Battambang Province

The floating village school is built on Tonle Sap Lake and educates approximately 300 students each day. It was built in the 1970s and has not been properly maintained.

We want to raise $25,000 to have the walls, floors and sanitary requirements fixed, along with general maintenance such as curtains, and providing new education materials. Additionally, we want to improve the living quarters for the teachers who live at the school all year 'round.

The Dump School - Phnom Penh

The 'Dump School' is located in a home in Stung Meancheay, where Bophal Choun provides lessons for the children who live and scavenge in the nearby garbage dump. Each day the household furniture is moved to make room for the children who attend lessons at the school.

We want to raise $5000 to provide additional educational materials to the school, as well as purchasing bicycles for students to help make it easier for them to attend school.

Who's behind this campaign?

The Apex Club of Albury is teaming up with the Apex Club of South Wagga to deliver this project. This will be the third trip to Cambodia for South Wagga and we will be taking advantage of their extensive NGO network within Cambodia.

Apex is Australia's own service organisation and has been active in our communities since 1933. Our fourth Ideal is "To promote international understanding and friendship" and this project is how we plan to live that ideal.

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David Gaukroger