Antarctica for STEM

By Mary-Ellen Feeney

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Inspiring a future in Science, Technology, Engineering ...

I am very honoured and excited to have been chosen as one of 80 women from all across the world to be part of Homeward Bound 2019.

Homeward Bound is a groundbreaking leadership, strategic and science initiative and outreach for women, set against the backdrop of Antarctica.

The initiative aims to heighten the influence and impact of women with a science background in order to influence policy and decision making as it shapes our planet.

Women are under-represented globally in science and higher education.  
Homeward Bound aims to train a thousand female scientists over the next ten years to have a more powerful voice at the global leadership table and be visible role models for future generations. This includes women from all career stages of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) 

Why Antarctica?

Sensitivity- Regions of Antarctica are currently showing amongst the fastest responses to climate change seen anywhere on the planet.

Global Indicator-The study of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, and their roles in the climate system, provides critical insights into global-scale change, and the influence of human activities on environmental change.

Inspiration- The continent is iconic as a wild, beautiful and unique environment that has captured the imagination of many leaders in the past

Motivating- By taking this journey together we envision the experience will create strong bonds, inspire action and collaborations between the women.

Why me?

A substantial gender gap in engineering and computer occupations contributes to women’s overall underrepresentation in STEM.

In 2016, women accounted for less than 17% of Australia’s information and related technologies workforce and less than 13% of our engineers. 15% of researchers in science and technology were women in 2016. See Australia’s STEM Workforce: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (March 2016).

I have a 20 year career in Science and Technology as a Geospatial Scientist and Geographical Information System Consultant. I have valuable experience to share with colleagues and as a role model. By taking part in the Homeward Bound Leadership Programme, I hope to learn skills to strengthen my leadership and visibility to support current and future generations of women in STEM, and increase the impact of my contribution to policy and decision making.

Support me

The formal leadership program runs for a year and culminates in three weeks in Antarctica (January 2019).

I am chasing the final $16,000 USD of the costs for the Antarctic expedition (the leadership program costs $40,000 USD in total). By crowdfunding I hope to gain some sponsorship towards the expedition, in conjunction with direct grants and some offline fundraising events.

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