Wildlife Queensland Annual Appeal 2019

By Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland

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Dear Friend of Wildlife

In the late 1960s and early 70s, I worked with my good friend, Kathleen McArthur, one of Wildlife Queensland’s founders, on a campaign to establish Cooloola National Park.

The campaign was crucial in obtaining the government’s agreement to establish Cooloola National Park in 1975, which subsequently was enlarged and combined with Fraser Island National Park to form what is now known as Great Sandy National Park.

An incredible win for wildlife! And a perfect illustration of Wildlife Queensland’s mission in action:

To advocate for, protect and conserve Queensland’s native terrestrial and marine plants, animals and landscapes by educating and engaging communities, influencing decision-making, advancing solutions and connecting people with wildlife.

Fast forward to the present day and Wildlife Queensland now campaigns against legislative changes which allow detrimental commercial development in our national parks.

Never would I have imagined

that in 2019 our state government would give the green light for a private operator to build a resort inside the Cooloola section of Great Sandy National Park!

No resort development has taken place on any national park in mainland Queensland since the first park was declared in 1908. Now, private development is being authorised in Main Range National Park and is proposed through an expression of interest process in Hinchinbrook Island National Park, Whitsunday National Park and the Cooloola section of Great Sandy National Park.

I must admit, I’m dismayed at the government’s failure to invest in the protection and management of our national parks — in the habitats that are the cornerstone of biodiversity conservation and protection.

We remain stalwart in our efforts to push for protection for these critical habitats:

  • In March, I spoke out against the commercialisation of our national parks at North Queensland Conservation Council’s Save our National Parks rally outside Parliament House and with media. I was moved by the passion of all who attended. People like you who want to protect our precious wildlife and save our national parks for future generations.
  • Wildlife Queensland continues to lobby politicians for additional funding for national parks and the Protected Area Estate as a whole.

Your support will make all the difference in the impact our organisation can have

With Australia’s biodiversity at breaking point, it’s more important than ever to continue our vital work advocating for, protecting and conserving our native animals, plants and landscapes for future generations.

But we can’t do this without you!

I am asking today if you will invest in our future and give a tax-deductible gift to help Wildlife Queensland maintain the voice for wildlife? YOUR voice for wildlife!

OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE $30,000 BY 30 JUNE 2019.

Our wins are your wins!

A lot has been accomplished for wildlife in the past year and I’d like to highlight some of the successes Wildlife Queensland achieved with your support.

  • We campaigned in concert with Boomerang Alliance against plastics and succeeded in achieving a government ban on single-use plastic bags and the introduction of a cash for containers scheme in Queensland.
  • We continue to campaign against, and achieve significant gains in, plastic waste and helium balloon release, including the phase out of thick plastic bags and the inclusion of our policy on prohibiting the release of helium balloons at events in a Queensland Plastic Free Council Guideline.
  • Our PlatypusWatch Network achieved significant success with environmental DNA surveys for platypus across South East Queensland. Notably, we were able to identify a population of platypus in the Albert River (Logan) for the Logan City Council.
  • Also, thanks to you, we have been restoring habitats destroyed through clearing and fragmentation and creating habitat corridors to protect, connect and save Vulnerable and Threatened native species, including the greater glider, brush-tailed rock wallaby and Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.

None of this would have been possible without supporters like you!

Your financial year-end gift is critically important because it allows us to:

  • Develop and deliver vital wildlife projects, including the next round of platypus eDNA surveys and the development of two major habitat corridors to link isolated northern and southern populations of the threatened Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.
  • Continue, and ramp up, our campaign activity for:
    • plastic waste reduction, including a ban on the mass release of helium balloons
    • a ban on opera house yabby traps that kill air-breathing fauna, platypus, turtles and rakali
    • enhanced management and expansion of national parks
    • better conservation and protection of selected wildlife including koalas, flying foxes and crocodiles
    • enhanced nature conservation, stock route network and biosecurity legislation.
  • Seize opportunities to forward submissions on a range of topics to all levels of government, as well as local authorities, endeavouring to make for better decision-making for our natural heritage.
  • Pay our small, dedicated staff ‒ the vast majority of the funding we receive comes from donations and grants which support our flagship projects, but these projects cannot run, and our network cannot grow, without our hard-working and committed staff.

Will you join us?

Our mission here at Wildlife Queensland has not changed. We are more focussed than ever. The need is greater than ever, and the chance to make an impact even greater still.

Please help us to maintain the voice for wildlife and continue our vital work in 2019 by making a tax-deductible, financial year-end gift TODAY.

Thank you for your support this financial year-end and beyond!

Best wishes

Peter Ogilvie
President, Wildlife Queensland

PS This is our most important appeal for 2019! Please give what you can by 30 June to receive a 2018 tax deduction. Your support is key in maintaining the voice for wildlife.

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