Anna Reynolds for Hobart Lord Mayor

By Anna Reynolds

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Hobart is changing

In many ways, these changes are positive and exciting. But change also brings challenges, and many of us are worried about Hobart losing its unique character due to poor planning and an unmanaged tourism boom.

The next few years will be some of the most crucial in Hobart’s history. Under the wrong leadership and with a few silly decisions, we could lose what we love about our city.

Hobart needs a new city leader with the courage to make bold decisions and who people can trust to champion the community’s interests.

Your community matters
- and so does your vote!

At the last election in 2014, only 50 percent of people who were eligible to vote for Hobart’s Mayor and Council did so. It seems that many people have lost interest in local government. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Cities around the world are leading the way on the big issues of our time, like climate change, affordable housing, public transport, and respect for diversity. So many local governments are embracing innovative approaches to city design and management that take people, the environment and the future much more into account.

I'd love your support

As your Mayor, I will continue to work hard with the community to ensure that the Council is making the very best decisions for our city’s future. But I need your help to get there, as running a successful campaign for Mayor is a big job and that costs money!

Your donation would be a great help.

All donations of $50 or more put you into the draw for two great prizes.

- $100 voucher donated from Smitten, the great Tasmanian merino wool clothing company

- $100 voucher donated from Annapurna, Hobart's best Indian restaurant

Please donate if you can!

To learn more about my ideas, please visit my website. You can also join me on facebook, and subscribe to my regular newsletter.

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Anna Reynolds

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