Ankara - THANK YOU for Helping this young mare face a better future

By ARCH Rescue Centre

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A little bit of context

ARCH Rescue Centre provides shelter and rehabilitation for abandoned, ill treated and injured horses, donkeys and mules, until they are fit and ready to be adopted into suitable new homes.

ARCH were recently asked to take in five mares and a pony stallion from an abusive owner. Sadly, one of the mares drowned in mud before we could get to them. It took six policemen to subdue and detain the owner - high on drugs and alcohol. Wielding a large knife, a rubber cosh and holding an attack dog he repeatedly lunged at the ARCH members and the police and beat the horses mercilessly.

We managed to rescue all and rehome most of the confiscated horses, but Ankara had previously suffered a shattering blow to her nasal cavity at the hands of her barbaric owner (now apparently called a nasocutaneous fistula - hideous!) and it is essential to operate to close the hole before flies settle inside and cause a massive infection.

But there’s a problem

Our everyday running costs are covered by the ARCH charity shop and any donations received, however the cost to have Ankara's reconstructive surgery is well out of the day-to-day budget.

Opting to go for the operation is a decision that was not made lightly, but at only 6 years old, it seems such a waste of life for this beautiful young mare to be put to sleep when we are sure we can find a loving home for her.

The cost of the operation is however well beyond our regular operational expenditure and we need to start this project to appeal for help to raise the necessary funds.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

ARCH realises that we can't even wait for this campaign to run its course before we schedule the operation, as sufficient recovery time is needed before the summer flies make it difficult.

A very special ARCH volunteer has therefore pledged to finance the operation while we wait for your kind donations, which will all be very gratefully received!

We will be posting updates on the operation and recovery for the entire length of the campaign, so you can actually see your generous donations in action.

You can join us

The cost of the operation has been quoted at €1000. This could go up or down slightly but it is a good indication of the final cost. We will post full details as the campaign progresses, and you can enjoy the rewarding feeling of knowing that you've helped to make a difference.

You also have the option to select your donation level to the platform provider, chuffed, which we love and that’s one of the reasons why we chose them! They are a fantastic  team. Please consider the optional platform donation, it’s automatic but adjustable.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Please have a look at the ARCH Rescue Centre website for the pictures of other rescue cases to see the difference that we try to make on a daily basis.

'To help one animal won't change the world, but for that one animal, the world is changed forever'.

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Team Members

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