Animals Helping Humans

By Animal Therapies Ltd

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About This Cause

Animal Therapies Ltd (ATL) connects those in need with animal-assisted services that may prevent or help manage mental illness, disability, disease and suffering. This includes people at risk of, or who are, suffering mental illness, eye disease, hearing impairment, seizures, asthma, life threatening allergies, diabetes, fluctuating blood pressure, cerebral palsy, autism, post-traumatic stress, episodic or serious medical crises, disability, acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injury and other physical, neurological or psychological conditions.

The animal-assisted services sector is made up of a range of different professionals who have animals working alongside them as a key part of their service delivery:

• Allied Health professionals deliver Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) eg: Psychologists, occupational therapists, counsellors, mental health workers, social workers, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and others

• Educators, Coaches, Learning and Development professionals deliver Animal-Assisted Learning (AAL)

• Professional Animal Handler Teams who have been assessed as suitable for visits to workplaces, hospitals, aged care homes, places of study and other institutions deliver Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA)

• Professional Assistance Animal Trainers who satisfy certain standards required to train animals to help people with a disability better access public life deliver assistance animal training and or placement. (AA)

ATL has built a National Directory allowing the general public to search for an animal-assisted service based on the condition they need help with and their location.

We raise money to fund people into services where they are unable to afford it. This includes equine-assisted therapy workshops for women who face adversity, veteran equine-assisted learning workshops on understanding the neural pathways of the flight and fight response and therapeutic dog visits to help reduce stress in highly stressful situations. We have also sponsored people in need into animal-assisted therapy and ultimately as our funding grows wish to fund the cost of assistance dogs for eligible people who are unable to obtain funding from other sources.

Australia is a big country and there is greater demand in regional areas than services available. We continue to work with the sector to grow it both ethically and responsibility to ensure we can meet the growing demand for services.

2021 will see our fundraising efforts being directed into:
 delivering education & public awareness campaigns on how animal-assisted services can help to prevent or manage mental illness, disease, disability and suffering;
 sponsoring the delivery of services for those unable to financially access them;
 promoting the sector through a public relations campaign, and
 advocating on behalf of the sector to government and funding bodies.

We also aim to increase the scale of the National Directory particularly into regional areas and rolling out our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct to sector participants.

Our Objectives

"OUR PURPOSE is to advance the understanding, acceptance and accessibility of animal-assisted services for those in need.

OUR VISION is to become Australia’s leading institution in providing education on the prevention and management of mental illness, disease, disability and human suffering through animal-assisted services.

Your support of our charity will make a significant difference to those that have given up on mainstream help. Thank you for your support.

Donations are tax deductible.

Sponsors are welcome.


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