Anchorage Women's March-and Sister Alaskan Marches

By Anchorage Women's March

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A little bit of context

Our country is in turmoil after the 2016 political campaign. We in Anchorage host the most diverse communities in the entire United States. Many of us in our country are afraid for our children and ourselves. We are dismayed at the fear mongering. Minority children are afraid in schools. Victims of sexual violence and intimidation are feeling re-victimized. Many of us are afraid of losing our hard fought rights as Americans. We have so much fear and anxirty, and need to organize.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We, the people of Anchorage, plan to march in solidarity with people in Washington DC, and all across the country, from the tip of Florida, to the Bering Straight. We are standing together to show that we are the majority. Our feet are on the ground. Our eyes are open. We are standing together.

We see where we are, where we have been, and where we have yet to go to reach the freedoms we were promised. We will not be made to fear each other or step on others rights. We stand for all people, no matter their gender, religion, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. We truly beleive in liberty and justice for all.

If you are like me, you have felt hopeless and in need of direction. I have spoke to many who need to do something concrete. We have a need for solidarity and action. We are coming together to fulfill that need. We are are marching together to stand together. We have our direction; foward, not back, by empowering ourselves, and the next generation.

How you can help.

We have reached our goals of paying for our event. As new costs are arising (For example, hand warmers to hand out), we find we have the capacity to pay. Thank you.

I challenged the group to make me raise the funding goal a third time to help us to support our Sister Marches in Anchorage, and to provide food at the inside event. So that is what I am doing today. I am raising the goal to be able to assist costs incurred from the other 15 Sister Marches that are occurring in our state. That is right SIXTEEN Marches in Alaska. The count all over the world is equally as staggering. It is our understanding that this will be the largest single organized event the world has ever known. There is a reason. Our cause is righteous.

We know there are many people who have not even heard of our event. People who want to act, but do not know how. We need you to share this event with your friends electronically. We want you to talk about it when you go to church. We want you to talk about it at lunch, with your class mates, or with your bowling buddies.

When you share our event, and our funding campaign, there will be more opportunity to fund raise.

To summarize, we originally estimated the cost of our event to be 5400. We raised the money to afford the march early. It was in time for the parade planninging, but after the deadline for permit application. This meant we had significant late fees and penalties added. Then as the event grew, so did our costs, we have 5x's as many people interested than we originally predicted. So we raised our goal to $8400 to cover our costs.

Below is how we got to those numbers.

Required by law

  • Permits 1000 *Required by law
  • Traffic Control - 1000 *Required by law
  • Police/APD 3000 *Required by law
  • Liability Insurance *Required by Law 350


  • We really need a stage now so that the speakers can be higher than the crowd and seen by the people assembled.
    • Quoted at $700.
  • We need to have more of a professional sound system than we were planning on. We need the sound to be able to travel to the back, front, and sides of the crowd. This has tripled the estimate on the sound cost for sound.
    • Quoted at $1,000
  • We also have rented a second venue to go inside of after the rally and march. We will be able to warm up, listen to speakers, watch other streaming events across the globe, and Network. Networking is a huge part of what we need to be doing in the end. By connecting, organizing, and planning, our voices and actions will be more effective. This is imperative.
    • $600
  • Printing Costs
    • $500
  • ADA Compliant Port-a Cans x 2
    • $250

So now that we have exceeded our goal, we can work to cover other costs that we have been asked to assist with. We are calling this our "Cherries on Top" section. We have estimates on those costs detailed below.

  • Food for people inside the venue Williwaw, for YOU.
    • $500
  • Helping to pay the costs of our Alaskan Sister Marches.
    • $2,000
  • Donation to Planned Parenthood to help defend themselves from the current attack.
    • $1,000
  • Donation to Womens Homeless Shelter
    • $1,000

That will equal and additional $4,500, and total $12,900.

This is all generosity and love from this point out.

Many thanks for all you give in time, money, heart, and effort.


Jeanna Duryee


Anchorage Womens March.

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