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By Rick Wayman

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The majority of the world's countries are meeting to ban nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons are the only class of weapons of mass destruction that are not yet explicitly banned by an international treaty. We are seeking to change that in 2017 by participating in negotiations with over 130 countries at the United Nations for a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons.

The voices of young people need to be heard in this process.

Nuclear weapons affect young people in many ways. The hundreds of billions of dollars spent annually on these catastrophic weapons sucks up money that could be used for positive things, like environmental protection, health care, education, and other urgent human needs. But most importantly, nuclear weapons threaten our future. This generation of youth is ready to stand up and finally ban nuclear weapons.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The Amplify network is uniting youth from all over the world to create this change. Our common goal is to amplify and strengthen the call for complete nuclear abolition by taking action, raising our voices and pursuing nuclear abolition in our communities and countries.

From June 16-21, 2017, 16 Amplify members from 10 countries will gather in New York City to participate in United Nations negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons, march in the Women's March to Ban the Bomb on June 17, and to strategize about the future growth of the Amplify Network.

You can join us

We need to raise $5,000 to support some of the direct costs for this Amplify Youth Summit. We'll spend the funds on weekly passes for Amplify members to get around New York City on public transportation, as well as food for the week.

Thanks to some generous donors, we have already secured the funding for airfare and lodging for all participants. With your support, we can make this summit a success and lay the groundwork for this important new youth network to thrive.

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