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By The Australian Mental Health Party

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mental health is about everyone

Mental health is a growing issue affecting all of us:

- Nearly half of the Australian population experiences a mental health issue within our lifetime

- In any given year, one in five Australians are living with a mental health condition

- Depression is now the leading cause of disability worldwide

(Source: World Health Organization and Australian Bureau of Statistics)

but there’s a problem

The big parties do very little about mental health. Real investment is being neglected. Current politics are focused on point scoring, corporate interests, and opinion polls. When it comes to mental health, it's all about promises - broken ones. We are different.

here’s what we’re doing

The Australian Mental Health Party promises to put the wellbeing of Australians first. We aim to address problems at their core.

Mental health issues have many causes and can lead to other secondary problems, such as drug use, suicide, self harm, gambling, relationship problems, the list continues...

Our party will improve mental health care and prevention. We are focused on improving quality of life for all Australians. Our core values of empowerment, equality, support, and healthy connections, will guide the Party in decision-making and drive our policies.

How will this change anything?

Improving the mental health of Australia prevents a range of costly knock-on effects. A mentally healthy society allows people to live better lives, reach their potential, and contribute. There's no better return on investment than looking after our own mental health and well-being.

you can join us

We need to make our presence felt. $1000 will allow us to put a Candidate on the ballot paper in the coming by-election. $2000 will allow us to put a Candidate on the ballot paper in the elections for the Senate. We need your support to put our Candidates on ballot papers.

and here’s what could happen

Imagine a place where young people learn how to manage their emotions and relationships, before things deteriorate.

Imagine if we had good quality and timely care for people who are not well, lasting long enough for them to recover and contribute once again.

Imagine if Australia could direct more support to prevention rather than cure.

Just imagine if Australia could be a place where our sense of well-being was on the rise and distress was becoming far less of an issue.

Help us to make that a reality.

Authorised by Dr Ben Mullings for the Australian Mental Health Party, in Booragoon, Western Australia.

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