Amanda & Charlie's Phamily Mission

By Amanda Cox

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A little bit of context

Loc Tho is a Buddhist Pagoda, Orphanage, and Charity School funded and supported by Phamily Foundation since 2009, located about 20 minutes out of Nha Trang in Vietnam.

9 years ago, there were 20 orphans, and 50 kids attending the school. They were malnourished, had scabies and ringworm, and the abanonded babies were fed residue rice water as milk, and wore handkerchiefs as nappies.

Since then, 3 new classrooms have been build, there is electricity and running water, and a basic medical centre, offering both eastern and western medicines.

There are now 160 kids, a mix of those orphaned and living at Loc Tho, and children who attend the charity school, removing some 50 children off the streets and providing them with care, education, and food during the day.

However ...

Despite these incredible acheivements, Loc Tho is funded and supported entirely through Phamily Foundation and the generosity of others in the form of donations, time, and resources.

Food and medical supplies need to be replenished regularly, and basic necessities for babies, such as bibs, bottle teats, and dummies, are required.

Many of these essentials are unavailable or extremely expensive in Vietnam, so whilst we're heading over to provide whatever we can in the way of love and care, hugs, support, and assistance, we're also taking with us the items they so desperately need.

Here's what's needed ...

Loc Tho desperately needs some really basic items like:

- children's and women's vitamins

- basic medical supplies (bandages, tape, waterproof bandaids, gauze, swabs etc)

- disposable gloves, facemasks, medical tweezers and scissors, medicne measuring cups

- burn cream, anti-fungal cream

- babies dummies and bibs

- school supplies (blutak, stickers, flash cards for learning English)

- picture books (especially for the babies)

We'll stock up before we go and take what we can with us.

(If you happen to know anyone who can donate these items, please connect us!)

We need YOU ...

We need your dollars so we can purchase these products to take with us.

Any funds left over will go towards the purchase of essential supplies whilst we're over there.

Consider this:

- $1 buys 1 Mars bar or a box of 100 bandaids

- $10 buys a pizza or a 10kg sack or rice

- $50 buys a monthly Foxtel subscription or ALL the educational supplies a child in grade 5 needs for a whole year

- $120 buys a pair of jeans or the English teacher's monthly salary

So you know ...

Whatever you donate, whatever the amount, all of it, 100% will go towards food, education, and medical essentials for the kids.

0% is being used to fund this trip for us. It is completely self funded.

Thank you,

Amanda and Charlie Cox

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