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By Paroo Progress Association Inc.

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Our Heritage

The Railway Station at Cunnamulla opened on 10 October 1898. Passenger services were withdrawn in 1994, replaced by coach services from Charleville. The station buildings have significant heritage and aesthetic value and are a feature of the town's heritage trail.

The Decline

As you can expect, the building and grounds have required significant work to bring this community landmark back to its former glory.

An exciting future

The Paroo Progress Association Inc. has leased the station buildings from Queensland Rail and is developing an exciting evening attraction to encourage visitors to stay overnight in town. This will be an audio/visual and light experience, both educational and entertaining, presenting local railway, town and pastoral stories.

The Cunnamulla, All Aboard project will grow the local tourism economy by providing a new 'bookable' product and support new business along with job creation in the region.

You can join us

We need to raise $60000 to put towards building a theater that will seat 40 people and to develop the storylines using different methodologies that will make the educational and entertaining 40 minute sound and light show experience.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

If you want to make a donation without the perks, that’s fine also (and appreciated!).


$5 - Gratitude

We’ll put your name on our email list so that you can be kept up to date on the project.

$10 Gratitude Plus

Same as Gratitude but you will be listed on the next email telling everyone of your amazing donation.

$20 Gratitude Plus More

Same as Gratitude Plus but we’ll also write your name on a piece of paper and put it in a time capsule.

$50 Incredible Gratitude

You will get all the benefits above but we'll throw your name on the website to say thanks for helping out. Legend.

$100 Amazing Gratitude

You will get all of the benefits above plus 2 tickets to the Sound and Light Show when it comes to fruition.

$1000 VIP Member

You will get all of the benefits of above plus VIP Membership (Individual)

$10000 Major Sponsor

You will get all of the benefits of above except you will get VIP Membership (Group) and a plaque with your name on display at the venue.

Sponsorships above these amounts are very welcome.  You are encouraged to contact us to discuss individual sponsorship agreements.

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Team Members

Karen Ticehurst

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