Alcohol Free Bar To Keep Kids Safe And Off Streets

By British Pakistani Christian Association

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A little bit of context

In the wake of yet another stabbing death of a young 20 year old victim in Ilford, the fifth in London in nine days, it is clear that drastic actions need to be taken to redress knife crime in London and surrounds.

Young anti-knife campaigner and Essex Youth councillor is passionately taking up the cause to end knife violence. Hannah attends school in the London Borough of Redbridge and in her first year our whole school was mortified when we heard of the murder of Charlie Kutyauripo at the tender age of 15. It is unimaginably shocking to her and those who love her to think that Charlie was the same age as me and had his whole life ahead of him.

Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, Wilson Chowdhry, was driving home when he witnessed the aftermath of the stabbing death of Kashif Mahmood, killed over a petty jealous squabble over a girl.

It is clear that not enough is being done to curtail knife crime. Hannah Chowdhry is working on numerous initiatives to redress knife violence including improved mental health programs, improved policing and CCTV surveillance, etc but one initiative she wants to work on is creating a non-alcoholic bar as a safe space for youth to congregate.

Alcohol Free Bar - Safe Space for Youths

It is irrefutable that social disunity and social fragmentation among youths is contributing to knife violence and other acts of violent street crime. Hannah Chowdhry noticed an absence of safe places for youth to congregate to find positive outlets for boredom, loneliness and frustration all of which can lead to delinquent behaviour. This was where she came up with the idea of having an alcoholic free bar where youth could hang out, take reprieve from the stresses of home and school life, meet fellow teens and form solid friendship grounds in a safe and fun environment.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We would like to establish an alcohol free bar where youth can dance, socialise, spend time together in a safe, peaceful and happy environment. This would take them off the streets and redirect their youthful energy into positive pursuits and give them a safe outlet.

We have costed the initial establishment costs as follows:

£16000 for annual rent

£8000 for refurbishments

£5000 for initial cost of security, bus rates, telephone and other utilities. We hope to be self sufficient after that.

You can join us

Be part of a positive change in the Redbridge, London, Essex and Ilford areas.

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