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Our Goal - to help women win public office through training.

Training, recruiting and supporting women who are interested running for public office, working on a campaign and working as treasurers and campaign managers.

More women are needed in Congress, state legislatures and local councils

We must train and encourage more women to run and win. Women make up 19% of Congress, and 25% of state legislators. At the pace we’re going now, it will take another 100 years for women to gain representation that reflects our share of the electorate. It’s time for more women to win!”

-- former State Rep. Kay Brown, Chair, Alaska Women Ascend

The Program

Location: Training sessions will be held in Anchorage and broadcast via the Internet. Out-of-Anchorage participants may take part via Internet broadcast and are encouraged to attend at least two sessions in person. Travel scholarships may be available for out-of-Anchorage participants.

Program: The program will cover all aspects of running a successful campaign including campaign strategy, field, message and media, fundraising and individual skill building. Training sessions will be held monthly.

Trainers: Program trainers are Alaska leaders, including current and former elected officials, candidates, managers and campaign professionals, who are volunteering their time to prepare progressive women to win public office.

You can join us

Alaska is expansive. Many villages and towns are remote - accessible only by air, ferries, and boats. While our registration is reasonable, we want to help women all over Alaska. That means we may need to help them with costly airfare into Anchorage.

Contributions to Alaska Women Ascend will be used for travel scholarships, communications, contract coordinator, food and facility rental. Checks may be made to: Alaska Women Ascend, P.O. Box 201348, Anchorage, AK 99520.

And here are some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

You can be part of the movement to bring more women into public office. Women are, by nature, more collaborative and focused on finding solutions. We need women to win!

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