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Chuuk What?

In case any of you missed the fact (and my wife's one million #islandlife FB posts) that my family and I (Rudy Salas) moved out to the North Pacific six months ago; we did! We moved to Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia. My wife was placed with AVID as a teacher trainer and Principal, and I tagged along to teach 5th Grade at Akoyikoyi School, Penia.

Akoyikoyi School is located in one of the poorest villages in Chuuk and FSM, where the people are stuck in the cycle of poverty. Akoyikoyi School exists to provide tution-free, quality elementary education to the children of Chuuk and provide students with a fighting chance to break that cycle.

Why am I fundraising?

Over the last six years, there has been a large cohort of volunteers that have dedicated themselves to the students of Akoyikoyi. There has been blood, sweat (sooooo much sweat) and many tears shed to uphold Akoyikoyi's mission statement and give these kids a fighting chance to succeed through a quality elementary education. I am just one of the many volunteers who has invested time and effort into preparing these students for the future; but I have come at a pivotal time. I have come at a time when some of our students are ready to take on their next adventure - High School! Now that we have completed our mission, it's time to champion these students on to a quality secondary education.

Here's my crazy idea!

Over the last semester, I have been preparing a couple of students from my class to take a High School entrance exam for a reputable school in Chuuk. This school takes students from all over Federated States of Micronesia and the Pacific. Lucky for us, it is right down the road. Regardless of the outcome of this round of entrance exams, we want to put a fund together to ensure, in future, no student misses out on an opportunity they deserve due to a lack of funds.

Myself, along with four other expats in Chuuk, are going to hold an event to raise funds for this cause. We are taking the challenge to kayak around the island of Weno. This feat will take stamina, determination, strength and a forgetful memory (that there are sharks in the water). It is estimated the perimeter around Weno is approximately 20 miles.

Partner with us!

Our target is $6000. This amount provides one student four years of good quality college prepartory education.

Partner with us - Rudy, Emily, John, Courtney and Taylor and sponsor our efforts to kayak around Weno and raise much needed funds for Akoyikoyi's kids! We will be holding our official paddling event in April, 2017. Stay Tuned!

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