Autumn Agora Catania 2017 - 27.9/1.10 2017

By AEGEE-Catania

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Agora is the General Assembly of AEGEE, and takes place twice a year, in spring and autumn, is one of the most important Youth European Meetings. This time AEGEE-Catania has the honour and burden to host it, relying only on its volunteer member's work, from 27.9 to 1.10 2017.

Agora is the most important event of the association, where delegates from each local and from representatives bodies meet to discuss about proposal and projects, enhancing the participation of young people in the developing of their society and citizenship.

What is AEGEE?

Founded in 1985, AEGEE strives towards increasing cooperation amongst students, along the ideal of European integration, thus, working towards removing mental and physical borders, while promoting mutual tolerance and understanding across cultures.

AEGEE-Catania is one of the most active "antennas" in AEGEE network, with more than 100 members, and 12 years of activity.


The funds will be used to cover the meal expenses for our amazing volunteers (up to 100) who will devote their free time to help us deliver an unforgettable event.

In these days, Catania will be on the spotlight on behalf of the European youth, interested to build a Europe without borders, representing the rights of European students and youth, working to build an open and tolerant society, for today and tomorrow.



Expired on 4th of September

Here comes the interesting part, we're happy to give back rewards and custom perks to our lovely backers!

We've prepared many interesting gadgets and activities*, and you can freely choose yours from our list! They're divided in categories, related to the size of donation: BRONZE-SILVER-GOLD-PLATINUM.

After donation you will be sent a google form for details, check your email!


  • Gadget
    • Cinch Up Backpack "Agora Catania"
    • Pocket Agenda "Agora Catania"
  • Activities
    • Photoshooting with Gabriele Nicotra (Internal PR&HR)
    • Typical food break (Granita or cannolo) with Francesco "Ciccio" Di Prima (Meal Responsible)
    • City tour by scooter (30') - the italian way - with Alfio Bonaccorsi (External PR&HR)
    • Magic Tricks lesson with Salvo Schillaci (Artistic Director)
    • Etna Honey tasting with Antonio Pappalardo
    • 30' Guitar Lesson with Giuseppe Aquilino
    • UV Manicure with Elisa Tabbì
    • 30' Sicilian Slang Lesson with Eleonora Cutuli
    • 1hr Italian Basic Lesson with language master Ambra Tabbì


  • Gadget
    • Sunglasses "Agora Catania"
    • Trucker Cap "Agora Catania"
  • Activities
    • Motorbike ride with Daniele Ricevuto (Main organizer)
    • Pub Crawling with Prof. Roberto Patanè (Incoming Resp.)
    • Phototour and photo tricks of Catania (60') with Peppe Di Marco (Logistic Resp.)
    • Terrace Aperitif in main street with Nadia Giuffrida (Treasurer)
    • 2 hr Rugby session with Francesco Pollari
    • Canoa Ride with Paolo Furia


  • Gadget
    • Official T-Shirt "Autumn Agora Catania"
    • Special Edition T-Shirt "Liotru Edition"
    • Special Edition T-Shirt "Night Creature"
  • Activities
    • 1 place for our premiered "Arancini Cooking Workshop", at its 20th Edition, and counting, by our MasterChef Mario Sciacca

    • 1 place for Professional "Salsa Dancing Course", which we organize weekly since years


  • Gadget
    • 1 Official Hoodie "AEGEE Catania"
    • 1 Graphic Book "Italian Style" with precious tricks on how to live like an italian (making coffee, tasting wine, make pizza, ice cream history and much more!)
  • Activities
    • 1 place for ETNA Craters visit, pre-event activity (26.09)
    • 1 place for TAORMINA trip, post-event activity (1.10)

*activities will be scheduled accordingly to Agora agenda and subject to availability

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