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By Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NorSled)


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Join NorSled as we count down to Christmas! Each day we will celebrate a different dog and their journeys, all made possible through donations and our wonderful volunteers, foster families and adopters.

DAY 12: Duke. What a difference a year makes! We met Duke just over a year ago at a NORSLED Adoption Fair. We walked him in the parking lot and he was reluctant and didn't seem to enjoy it. Then he waited quietly and shyly in the back in a crate while we played with other dogs. But somehow we knew he was meant to come home with us. It took two strong men to lift him into our SUV that day, and he resisted getting into a vehicle for months. He didn't quite get the walking thing either, but he was always willing to try. We renamed him Duke to give him a fresh start. Now he expects long walks every morning and we hear about it until we go. He leaps into the car excited about whatever adventure we have planned. He has a backwards hop when he's excited that cracks us up every time. He's a cuddle, thinks he's a lap dog, and gets a dreamy look when he gets a message. He knows that he is ours and we are his - forever. So he's developed a confidence that is sometimes quite mischievous, and is often demonstrated with his ease and joy. He's smiles, he entertains, he's up for anything, and he's home. And we love him.

NorSled has rescued and placed over 150 dogs this year. Many of those dogs had significant medical needs. We're fundraising to get a jump start on helping more dogs in 2019. Please consider a donation to help us continue our labor of love saving dogs. Your donation will go a long way in helping us pay those bills and save those special dogs. THANK YOU!

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