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By Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children

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Well, It started with a well..

A rad friend of mine donated a water well to a village in rural Cambodia. She donated many in fact. She created awareness and inspired others, including myself, to donate what we could to improve the health and lives of many people.

In Cambodia 84% of the population live in rural areas, with a shocking 68% not having access to clean water.

Without access to clean water the villagers, mostly women and children, would have to walk 3km to collect dirty water from stagnant pools or contaminated streams resulting in many health probelms, diseases and death in young children.

Recently I held a small fundraiser and with the help of awesome people like you, we were successful in raising enough funds to build a well! Our well was built for a community in the Kilotacheom Village, Chikreng District of Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.

This is life changing.

In fact, it's life saving.

But there’s still a problem

There are 130 families living in Kilotacheom Village and the total population is 689 people.

A portion of these families now have access to clean water, but they're also in desperate need of a sanitation toilet.

Lets build them that toilet.

The brick project

The villagers are in need of a two room sanitary toilet. This facility will increase sanitation, reduce health risks, increase dignity and save lives.

We're going to need a bit more help with this one, so I thought we'd break it down into individual bricks.

And put those bricks up for adoption.

How does it work?

We need to raise $2000 to cover the cost of building a two room toilet. This includes the currency exchange rate through Western Union as of 12/04/2018.

All funds raised will be donated directly to the Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children.

CBAVC is a non-profit organisation founded by buddhist monks, aiming to improve the health and life of those most vulnerable through programs and projects. Some of these projects include building water wells and sanitation toilets.

They are kind enough to send photos of sponsored projects in progress and the final results, so we can actually see our donations making a difference.

Adopt a brick!

When you adopt a brick, you get to name it. Like a pet.

Don't worry, you won't have to actually look after it. (Not that looking after a brick is very hard) Your brick will remain in Cambodia and become part of a life changing sanitation toilet.

You will recieve a brick adoption kit. This kit includes:

  • A Photo of your brick
  • Thank you card
  • Adoption certificate
  • Personal profile including your brick's favourite hobbies
  • Entry into the draw to win prizes!

Don't feel ready to commit? That's ok, perhaps you'd like to name a brick. You'll also gain entry into the prize draw.

Adopt one brick or twins, a family of bricks, or perhaps you'd like to gift a brick to a friend?

Got a relative who's hard to buy for because they have everything? I'll bet they don't have an adopted brick.

The gift that keeps on giving! (and confusing)

What's the prize draw?

Every brick name will go into the lucky draw to win an Onyx H9 Clarity Smart HIFI Wireless Headset, in white and gold valued at RRP $279!

We hope to get our hands on some more prizes to giveaway so stay tuned!

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