Inspiring Students Through the Excitement of Exploration

By Ad Astra Academy

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For most kids around the world, school is boring. You come to class, memorize some facts, worry about getting the right answer, and never really see the point of the whole thing. Lacking any true desire to learn, students are easily sidetracked and rarely push through obstacles on the path to higher education. And with little evidence that staying in school will pay off, families facing financial burdens often pull their children out of school and put them to work.

Ultimately, the most important indicator of a student’s future academic success is her desire to learn, and the Ad Astra Academy instills a life-changing passion for knowledge by igniting a "spark" of inspiration.

With a curriculum customized to each class of students, we help participants develop evidence-based reasoning skills, perform experiments, and learn about their place in the universe. Ultimately, the students join the front lines of exploration as they choose targets on Mars for imaging by a NASA mission. By exposing portions of the martian surface in never-before-seen resolution, students contribute to cutting-edge science and gain a dramatic demonstration of their potential to create new knowledge. Armed with empirical skills and a sense of empowerment, graduates will embark on a lifelong journey of discovery that will benefit their home communities in unpredictable ways.

To sustain the momentum, we supply participating classrooms with the proprietary Ad Astra Academy curriculum and relevant math and science textbooks, offering eager learners appropriate resources. We will arrange local internships for interested students, and return to the school in successive years to follow up with alumni and foster a culture of learning.

We're really excited about the potential of this new take on motivation and inspiration - our strengths of innovative pedagogy and leading scientists puts us in a unique position to make profound differences in our students' lives. To see how effective our curriculum is, we've partnered with education professionals at USC’s Rossier School of Education to track students’ long-term progress and consider scaling opportunities.

Join the Front Lines of Exploration

We need your help to bring this new educational model - a brief, very exciting event to instill a lifelong passion for learning - to students in under-resourced communities around the world. In particular, we hope to continue our partnership with the Instituto Presbiteriano Álvaro Reis in Rio de Janeiro's City of God. Our $12,000 goal will allow us to reach nearly 100 additional students with our life-changing program; this money will be spent on curriculum supplies, transformative field trip experiences, and internship stipends.

In the process, the students will help direct some amazing exploratory adventures. They'll take high-resolution photos of Mars, and collect samples from hidden corners of the deep-sea. By supporting Ad Astra Academy, you're not only bolstering science education at an essential time, but also fueling the next generation of explorers.

And here are some amazing perks that you can’t live without

Grab yourself some Ad Astra Academy swag, featuring our sleek new logo! For a $40 contribution, we'll send you a mug; $60 lands you a hat, and $80 a shirt. All of the above are yours for a $150 donation.

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