Support us to accelerate social acceptance for LGBT people in Nigeria

By Bisi Alimi Foundation

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Here's the challenge in Nigeria

Passed in 2014, the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act proscribes 14 years imprisonment for LGBT people and their supporters. This immoral Act has led to arrests of innocent LGBT people across the country. It is being used to justify blackmail, discrimination and physical violence against LGBT people.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

At the Bisi Alimi Foundation, we strongly believe that a change in hearts and minds is necessary to eventually overturn the law.

We are investing in accelerating social change through:

  • Media and legal fellowships: providing influential Nigerian journalists and lawyers with professional guidance and moral support from international mentors to help them defend the rights of LGBT Nigerians.
  • Business engagement: advising international companies based in Nigeria on how to develop LGBT-friendly workplaces that comply with global best practices.
  • Research: public opinion polling to understand Nigerian's views about the law, and to document the lived experiences of LGBT people.

You can join us

We are reaching out to you to join us in our work. We are a new organization with a lean set-up. In 2018, we're looking to employ a new full-time person on-the-ground in Nigeria to take our media and legal fellowships to the next level. Can you help us reach £5000 to make this happen?

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Bisi Alimi

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