A Tree to Remember

By Robin Boyd Foundation

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For over 60 years, the Monterey Pine at the front of Walsh Street, has been an integral part of the iconic modernist home of the renowned Australian architect Robin Boyd. It has been a key focal point in the design and aspect of this historic, mid-century residence in Melbourne. With the combination of rapid urban development and its natural life cycle, the tree has reached the end of its life and presents a significant risk to people, the Walsh Street home and property, and neighbouring structures.

The tree was part of the original Victorian garden purchased by Boyd in 1957. Instead of seeing it as an obstacle, Boyd showcased the Monterey Pine in his front courtyard and unique roofline to demonstrate his desire to identify and incorporate natural and Australian elements in his very personal design of his family home. Today Walsh Street is an internationally recognised historic home used for design education, inspiration and community engagement.

Although Walsh Street is on the Victorian Heritage Register, and the Monterey/Radiata pine (pinus radiata) is on the City of Melbourne Significant Tree register, the Robin Boyd Foundation (RBF) needs your help to raise major funds to remove and replace the tree, and restore the courtyard.

Only with your help can the Robin Boyd Foundation achieve these urgent works to replace and restore Walsh Street's important greenscape. Help us honour the long life of this tree and continue Boyd's legacy by donating to our Tree to Remember campaign. (Photo above by John Gollings)

We need to raise $75,000 through this campaign to achieve all below:

  • removal of the 20 metre 120+ year old Monterey tree, which is necessary to ensure protection of the Victorian Heritage Register historical place: Robin Boyd’s home at 290 Walsh Street
  • tree replacement and management plan to include advanced specimen Canary Island Opine (Pinus canariensis), a very similar but non-weedy tree
  • restoration and reparation of the heritage listed Walsh Street courtyard


  1. Individuals and businesses can make a tax-deductible donation of $2 and above to the campaign. Tax-deductible donations do not receive rewards.
  2. If you are a Robin Boyd and Walsh Street enthusiast and friend, you can donate in exchange for a reward. Please note reward-based donations are not tax deductible. See full images of all awards here: https://robinboyd.org.au/whats-on/a-tree-to-remember-campaign/
  3. All donations are gladly accepted: each donor will receive an email from us, with imagery and graphics you can share to show your support for the campaign!
  4. All donations $500+ receive the following:
  • Special edition of Robin Boyd Boyd's first book ‘Victorian Modern' originally published in 1947 and was republished by the Robin Boyd Foundation in 2011 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his untimely death in 1971.
  • Donor recognised as a campaign contributor for the Walsh Street Tree to Remember campaign on the Robin Boyd Foundation website, 2020 Annual Report and donation plaque

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