Funding the childcare centres in rural Nepal

By Student Volunteer Placements International

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A little bit of context

CWON (Children's Welfare of Nepal) have built 4 childcare centres in various and rural areas in Chitwan as a result of various fundraisers and SVPI (Student Volunteer Placements International). The childcare centres are very popular and provide 2 new sets of clothes for each child per year, food each day for the children and a small wage for the teacher.

But there’s a problem

CWON are now struggling to fund the day to day costs of the childcare centres. On top of the teachers wage, food and clothes for the children. Toys, educational materials etc are broken or have the usual wear and tear and may need to be replaced.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

100% of the money donated here will be directly given to CWON to help fund the running of the childcare centres. Your donation will assist the children in the beginning of their education and help the kids to be "normal" kids. It will also support the teachers in earning a wage (approx $2000 a year) and make a difference in their lives as well.

You can join us

Any amount is helpful, from $1 to $100, please open your hearts and your wallets to help support the children in Nepal. The funding of all 4 childcare centres for 1 year is around $20,000 so if we can make a small dent in that, the kids, the teachers and CWON would be very grateful!

SVPI are also running programs with CWON so you can work in the CWON run childcare centres and make a difference in the kids lives. SVPI also runs various healthcare programs and animal welfare programs in Nepal and Cambodia. More info about the programs and the work we do can be found at

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