7 Day Makeover of Anna Bay Town Centre

By Creative Communities International

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Struggling to survive

Town centres all over Australia and New Zealand are struggling to survive.

Many are generic - with no point of difference. They look the same as all the other struggling towns.

Many are "essentials-only-shopping-strips", buy what you need and leave.

Businesses are doing it tough. Real tough.

So what's the answer?

A Council makeover? That can involve months, or even years, of planning, public meetings, and endless squabbles. Often nothing gets done, except for endless talk. And if something does get done, it is often soulless.

So here's why we do it in 7 days

For thirty years we have been working with communities to breathe new life into their town centres.

We watched in horror as community after community got bogged down in over-planning. 

So we invented the 7 Day Makeover, which consists of two days of planning and five days of making - with no break in between.

The short time frame stops the over-planning and doesn't give the town nay-sayers time to sabotage the plans! The huge benefit is the surge in creativity and can-do attitude.

It's a heart-starter.

And it doesn't stop with this first makeover. Some towns have done up to 20 follow-up makeovers, under their own steam. We will be mentoring and guiding you until you feel confident to go it alone.

Be part of this amazing transformation

Council is the Platinum Sponsor, paying for us to facilitate this makeover. They have also given $25,000 towards the materials budget.

The more money we have in the materials budget, the more we can achieve in the seven days.

Which is where you come in. We want you to invest in the future of YOUR town. Not a single dollar you give will go into administration or facilitation. Every cent will be spent on materials or services needed to make this a truly amazing revitalisation of Anna Bay.

Of course, we also want you to volunteer some time. To discover more about how the makeover works and how you can get involved CLICK HERE.

And here’s the perks for investing in your town

Our Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors will be:

  • Given a credit at the end of the awesome movie we will make about this event (the last one we did had almost 20,000 views).
  • A big thank you on Facebook
  • You name displayed at the Coordination Point
  • Special mention at the Launch Party

Gold - $5000 and above

Silver - $2500 - $4999

Bronze - $100 - $2499

For donations under $100, we promise you will get a warm inner glow every time you visit your new town centre! 

So let's all pull together and totally transform the Anna Bay Town Centre. Together we can do it!

P.S. Why have we set the goal at $54,000? Well Tuncurry (just up the road) raised $52,850 and we would love to outdo what they achieved! Plus this will give us a big enough fund to do something truly stunning!

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