25 years of Spotlighting (dis)Ability

By No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability Inc

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25 years of spotlighting (dis)Ability!

Telling amazing stories...

stories of resilience & triumph, 

          stories of life & love,

               stories that move audiences

                    ..... to the point where disability disappears!

... & co-creating world-class theatre

from the lived-experiences of our performers who live with disability.

We have big plans for the next 25 years

- and specifically another fabulous performance season in 2020 - 

and right now, we need your help!

We set a target of raising $25,000 by the end of 2019 so we can launch into the New Year with the funds needed for another ambitious performance program, and we are nearly there! 

Help us reach our target and donate today.

"What you see is not only what you get - its what it is. Authentic in every way"

- Peter Burdon, The Advertiser

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