22 a Month to End 22 a Day

By Civil Vision International

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What's 22 a Day?

VA statistics tell us that on average 22 veterans commit suicide every day in the USA. At the Warrior Healing Project, we believe the crises that lead to suicide are often preventable, but the solutions are found in community relationships--not necessarily another government program. It takes people getting involved with their neighbors and taking responsibility for community well-being. That's why we created the Veteran Synergy Center, a place that houses 25+ veteran service operations under one roof with veterans in mind.

What's the center about?

The Veteran Synergy Center at 1838 Paseo San Luis in Sierra Vista actively fights for veterans at the street level where life happens to connect them with the resources they need for themselves and their families. You can find the list of services below, but the bottom line is to have the center on the front line when a crisis arises for a veteran or their family. We are the place veterans can go or call for help when they need it most, or when they want no-cost relief from PTSD, or they just want a good workout with a trainer for free. We are here to get involved with our partners and the veterans we serve every day.

Here’s what you can do about it:

We know you care about our community's veterans. We know you are grateful for their service. If you want to get involved with supporting our veterans with services like the ones listed below, you can give a single gift to the Warrior Healing Project that simultaneously benefits over 20 different veteran service organizations. Since we are a 501c3, your gift is also tax-deductible, and Chuffed makes it easy to commit to monthly giving. We ask that you consider our "$22 a Month to End 22 a Day" challenge--it takes only 500 people in Sierra Vista accepting that challenge to keep the Veteran Synergy Center open and operational with an all-volunteer staff. Please consider getting involved today!

Here are the services available to our community's veterans at the Veteran Synergy Center:

1. Soldier's Best Friend Service Dog Training Facility - Matching, Training and Supporting
2. Bowen Therapy for Chronic Pain Treatment
3. Transition from Active Duty to Civilian Life - Warrior Transition Workshops
4. Post-Deployment Training Programs
5. Financial & Investment Planning
6. Tax Preparation, Real Estate Assistance, Retirement Planning
7. Employment Assistance
8. Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) Support Groups
9. Honor Flights to Washington DC Monuments for Veterans and Guardians with preference for Veterans from WW2, Korea, and Vietnam.
10. Veteran Administration Certified Veteran Service Officer Support
A. Help with Veterans Administration Claims
B. Service Documentation Assistance from National Archives and Social Security
11. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)/Substance Abuse Referrals for Multiple Therapies and Modalities
12. Crisis Intervention for Veterans and Family Members
13. Emergency Relocation Assistance
14. Emergency Financial Assistance
15. Emergency Home Repair Assistance
16. Emergency Food Assistance
17. Spiritual Counseling with On-Site Ministerial Support
18. Elderly Care: Medical Equipment, Personal Hygiene Supplies, Nutritional Supplement, Housekeeping Errands, Education Services, Local Service Referrals and Companionship Programs
19. Sport and Fitness Community Social & Service Events (Yoga, Bicycling, Hiking, Running, Bowling)
20. Leadership Development Program
21. Agent Orange Outreach Program
22. Outdoor enthusiast guided program for hunting, fishing, and hiking
23. Emotional Freedom Technique Tap Therapy
24. Media Production and Training Services
25. Internet, Computer and Printing Lab for Veterans
26. Healing with Art: Arts/Crafts Programs
27. Equine Activities and Instruction for PTSD and Camaraderie - Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) Certified
28. Coffee & War Stories Social/Support Group
29. Scholarships for Veterans, Children and Grandchildren of Veterans
30. Team Cycling Program Emphasizing Participation for Veterans with Disabilities/Abilities of All Kinds
31. Certified Personal Fitness Consultations and Twice Weekly Pilates Classes
32. Anti-Gravity Massage Chair Relaxation Room
33. Teleconferencing Center and Meeting Rooms
34. Free Clothing Closet, Library and Shower Facility
35. Research and Return Lost or Stolen Purple Heart Medals

36. Qi-Gong Practice

37. Holistic Herbal Health

38. Native American Flutes for Vets

39. Meditation Circle

40. Intuitive Mandala

41. Human-Horse Ground Experience

42. Purple Heart Cruises

43. Resources providing female veterans and their families to regain self-esteem, trust, honor and dignity

COMING SOON: Widow/Widower Support & Caregiver Support

Civil Vision International (EIN 46-1453081) is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

You can find us at http://visionheals.org

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