1900 Footprints Walk

By Tristan O'Brien

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Note: To make a tax-deductible donation (Aus), please donate via this link: Donate to 1900 Footprints via BioR

It's all about context:

More than 1900 animal and plant species are listed as threatened in Australia, and this list continues to grow.

Although awareness of environmental issues is growing in Australia, many people struggle to find ways in which we can directly participate in solutions to environmental problems.

Why is this so?

More than 89% of Australians live in cities, so have lost some connection, and therefore the value we place in conserving natural areas. Living in cities also reduces our ability to be aware of our own ecological footprint, as we are removed from the source of the resources we consume and distant from the effects of the waste we produce.

Here’s the plan to do my lil' bit.

I will be walking 1900 km to raise awareness and funds for two outstanding environmental organisations in Australia who are dedicated to:

• restoring biodiversity and,

• helping shape environmentally-connected young people

They are: BioR and Wollangarra.

The Walk

Setting out from Adelaide in mid-September, I will walk towards Melbourne, taking time to talk to people about the 1900 Footprints aims and charities I will be supporting. From early November I will arrive in Tasmania, where the >1900 km journey will continue and finish in Hobart by the end of 2017.

To make this walk worthwhile, I'll need your support!

Your donation will help

Donations received will go directly towards restoring and maintaining a species-rich conservation block managed by BioR Australia near Monarto, South Australia, and also towards sponsoring disadvantaged young people to attend life-changing courses at Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre in the Victorian Alpine region.

These are not-for-profit, volunteer-run organisations, meaning you'll be making a real difference for on-the-ground conservation now, and helping grow the next generation of environmental leaders!

Please donate!

Note: To make a tax-deductible donation (Aus), please donate via this link: Donate to 1900 Footprints via BioR

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