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This Crowd funder is now finished, but your donation will still make a big difference to our ongoing work. If you'd like to help us create the social climate we need for effective action on climate change, please donate via our website here.


What is Climate for Change?

Climate for Change is a start up not for profit with a huge mission - to create the social climate in Australia for effective action on climate change.

We know to stop climate change, we need to make some pretty big changes to the way we do things and for that to happen we need the majority of Australians supporting, even demanding, those changes.

This may sound like a daunting goal, but in fact, polling shows most Australians are concerned about climate change and want Australia to act. The problem is that they are overwhelmed by information and confused about what can be done and what part they can play.

Social research shows that it is through face to face conversations with people we know and trust that we make sense of confusing information and decide what to do about it.

So Climate for Change's plan is to facilitate face to face conversations about climate change with enough people to shift the social climate around climate change by 2019.

Our secret weapon? We've taken the party plan model made famous by Tupperware and used by hundreds if not thousands of companies around the world and adapted it to enable deep, transformative conversations about climate change to happen at scale!

We start with a host, who invites their friends to their home. We send a trained facilitator to present some information, answer questions and facilitate a conversation about what it all means to us personally and what we can do about it.

At the end of the conversation, we invite guests to join us in taking regular action against climate change and to have regular conversations about what we are doing (we provide the resources to help them). We also ask guests to host their own gathering in their home with their friends.

Our modelling shows that if each gathering yields one more booking and every 4th yields one extra, we can reach hundreds of thousands of people by 2019 - enough to influence to create the climate for change we need.

Where have we been?

In just over one year, Climate for Change has grown from a few people with an idea, to one staff member and over 40 volunteers, working hard to shift the social climate around climate change in Australia.

We've made an incredible start, but our ambition is to get the MAJORITY of Australians on board with effective action on climate change by 2019. To do that, we plan to reach hundreds of thousands of people face to face within just a few years and support them all to have effective conversations with their friends and families!

Where are we now?

Last year, we crowd funded enough money to hire someone to develop and run our program. We launched late last year and the demand exceeded all our expectations - we simply can't keep up!

So far, each of our gatherings have averaged a further 2-3 bookings each, which is more than double what we’d been aiming for! Our goal this year was to recruit eight more facilitators - we recruited 13 and many more applied! And after every gathering, our facilitators come back with a list of resources and support our guests would like to help them keep acting and having conversations with their friends and family!

It's a great sign that we are on the right track but Climate for Change urgently needs another paid staff member just to keep up with this demand.

What are we doing next?

Since January this year, 12 of us have been volunteering with a mission to raise the money Climate for Change needs to employ that another person and kick off the next round of gatherings to meet its goals for this year and beyond.

Why we care..

You can join us!

Our big fundraiser is a crowdfunder, which will run over the month of April. We have set ourselves a goal to raise $40,000! (yes, $40,000!!) We have so many exciting activities, events and challenges planned throughout April to help us reach our goal, and we want you to be a part of it!

Everyone involved has worked really hard because we are all so passionate about putting an end to climate change. Please donate and help us get Australia talking and acting against climate change!

We also have a range of beautiful perks generously donated by our sponsors which you can claim by selecting the perk you want from the list BELOW the donate button.

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