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Please note our Chuffed Crowd Funding Campaign is now closed. If you would like to donate towards the Edgar's Mission Farm Appeal please click here.

***UPDATE *** Monday May 26th - 6pm

In a word, you guys are awesome! How awesome? Why, $162,388 of awesome! Yes that’s right, as the clock ticks past 6pm and our Raising the Roof Appeal comes to an end, not only have our amazing and awesome supporters well and truly ‘Raised the Rooves’ but you have also raised the most money ever for an Australian crowding funding appeal for a not for profit organisation. You guys are awesome, incredible, marvellous and so much more and our sincere and heartfelt thanks go to each and every one of you. We cannot tell you just how touched we are by your kindness and we cannot wait to get out there and make the fruits of your efforts come to be.

***UPDATE *** Monday May 26th UPDATE: Final hours!
Polly has started raising her new roof! Check it out in the video below:
***News Flash*** Tuesday May 13th UPDATE: Somewhere there’s a place for us…

It gives us great pleasure to offer you this sneak peak of the new Edgar’s Mission. If you would like to be a part of this defining moment in Edgar’s Mission history, it is not too late to support our ‘Raising the Roof’ appeal. But you must be quick, there are only two weeks left to help us reach our target!

***News Flash*** Raising more than rooves! We have been overwhelmed with the unprecedented support that has seen us reach the initial target for our Raising the Roof Appeal in just three days! And so, with time still remaining until the end of our appeal, we have decided to roll out Stage Two of our exciting Farm Enrichment Program. In order to make Stage Two a reality, we need to raise our crowd funding target to $100,000. Please check below for our new perks to ensure that goat mountains and jungle gyms, a purpose built duck pond complete with waterfall and a chicken Barn ‘Mahal’ will provide our rescued friends with every comfort they could ever imagine. Together we can make miracles happen.
New thank you gifts:
  • $2,500 – Move Mountains (And help build them too!) - Sponsor the summit or base camp of ‘Goat Mountain’
  • $1,500 – A Splashin’ Good Time! - Sponsor vital parts of our purpose- built Duck Pond – the pond itself, Phantom’s Falls, or the floating pontoon
  • $500 – Create our Chickens’ ‘Barn Mahal’! - sponsor a perch – have plaque with your name plus a certificate and photo.
  • $100 –Do we love them? My oh my! River (Duck Pond) Deep, Mountain High! Sponsor a rock to help build goat mountain and provide stepping stones for the goats and rocks for duck pond

Edgar’s Mission, Australia’s much- loved farm animal sanctuary is moving and we need your help! (please note donations over $2 are tax deductible)

Many of you may know that over the years, Edgar’s Mission has provided a special somewhere for literally thousands of farmed animals in need, like Ash who survived the worst fires to ravage Victoria since Black Saturday but sadly then found himself without a mother, like Molly Brown, the sole survivor of a horrific truck accident, like Hope who made her escape from a piggery one Christmas, and just like Little Miss Sunshine who found a reprieve when a battery hen farmer had a change of heart. But of late, that somewhere has begun to get a little crowded.
Over the last two years we have been searching for that special somewhere for our sanctuary to grow and we are excited to now tell you, we have finally found our special somewhere! And so, with our big move imminent, we still have one more vital step to achieve our vision for a new sanctuary and we need your help. We need to raise the roof, as we put in place the vital infrastructure to keep our residents safe and happy forevermore. If you would like to help us create the new Edgar’s Mission, please support our ‘Raising the Roof’ appeal. To acknowledge your generosity and kindness, you will receive a special thank you from our animals.

Whilst at this point in time we cannot divulge the exact location of our special somewhere out of respect for the current owner but I can say if you have guessed that it lies somewhere within the Macedon Ranges, you will be on the money.
The funds raised will help with our first and most important task - to build new homes for the animals. Homes where they can perch safely away from predators, homes where they can snuggle into straw filled barns with their friends on cold winters nights. Paddocks with shade to protect them from the hot summer sun, with soil they can dig or scratch around in, with lush pasture to graze on, secure fencing and wallows to bathe in. With your support this will all be possible, and we will be able to give the animals the best lives imaginable.
We really look forward to you being a part of this most exciting chapter of Edgar’s Mission. On behalf of the many animals whose lives you will save and enrich, we sincerely thank you because we know we have finally found that somewhere.

Thank you gifts: (please note donations over $2 are tax deductible)
  • $5000 - We have a paddock with your name on it! (Well, we don’t yet, but with your help, we will!). Our paddocks need names and we’d like you help do the honours.
  • $2500 - Shelters Need Names Too! Sponsor a shelter and have your name inscribed on it.
  • $1000 - Don’t sit on the fence, put your name on it! Sponsor a fence post and have your name inscribed on it.
  • 500 - Get the official Edgar’s Mission stamp of approval with an original Snout/Hoof Art by the animal of your choice.

  • $250 – Who ‘nose’ what they’ll paint for you! A limited edition farmyard Snout Art print.

  • $100 – Raking in the Kindness. Sponsor a rake and have your name inscribed on it! You will receive a certificate of sponsorship, along with a photo of your rake.
  • $50 – If a picture paints a thousand words then a video says a thousand thank yous! Thank you video kiss from Polly and special digital download pack with fun photos, facebook cover pics, computer backgrounds and more!
  • $25 – Mwah! Polly loves you! A digital kiss from Polly!

Terms and Conditions:
Names need to be consistent with the values of Edgar's Mission and will need to be approved.
Original Snout Art is subject to the animals willingness to participate.
Rakes are strictly limited! Once the designated number of rakes have been allocated, sponsorships will rollover to other essential farmyard items such as brooms, feed troughs, shovels, pitchforks etc
All donations are tax deductible and receipts will be issued at the end of the campaign. If you need it before then please email kyle@edgarsmission.org.au

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