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By Kathy Divine

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This campaign is closed. We have a new campaign for VOLUME THREE of Australian Vegans Journal here:

Thank you for your kind support!

Australian Vegans Journal is a one-of-a-kind publication.

How is it different to other vegan magazines and journals?

It's about ideas.


How we can collaborate to accelerate the progress of veganism.

The ways we can be more effective, smarter and more strategic, in order to reach the hearts and minds of people.

It's the thinking vegan's journal.

It's the pioneering vegan's journal.

Australian Vegans is also about support.

Supporting vegan activists with tips and information about how to sustain long-term activism.

Because we need you to stay in the game for the long haul, we want to give you the tools you need to thrive and achieve the result you dream of: a vegan world.

We also know vegans like to eat all the things. The vegan things! So, there are also pages with recipes, restaurant reviews, travel reviews and other stuff that makes life pleasurable and fun.

Contributors have been carefully hand-picked across Australia for their knowledge and expertise about the vegan lifestyle. We then partnered with a cool, young vegan designer who has created something that we are truly proud to present to you.

Together we have created a journal that informs, inspires and supports vegans and those looking into adopting veganism.

What are we going to do with the money?

  • For every two copies sold, we will give one FREE copy to a government leader (Prime Minister, Minister for Health etc..), influential business leader, major media outlet, doctor's surgery, library or cafe etc. One of the MAJOR aims is to get printed copies into the hands of the mainstream non-vegan public. The more sponsorships and copies sold, the more money we will have to share this magazine with non-vegan Australia and beyond. This is a journal for vegans to read and enjoy but it is also for those in leadership positions to read and and be inspired to become ethical in their work and life too.
  • We will be providing the digital copy of the journal FREE on for everyone to read and share. In order to track the effectiveness of the content, we will pay to collect detailed stats for us.
  • The more money we have, the more frequently we can publish a volume, so if we go beyond our goal, we move to the next phase of our plan, which is to publish more often and market and distribute the magazine more widely. We would love to start publishing quarterly or even, monthly! We would love to distribute the journal to news agencies, supermarkets and other retailers across Australia. How far we can reach depends on the level of support we receive.

We are totally committed to reaching the mainstream Australian public with this project, and with the right support, we can make it happen!

Contents of the Launch Volume

We are very happy to be at the stage of presenting the launch issue to you full of exclusive, fresh content from some of Australia's top leaders and thinkers:

On the Cover

Kelly Dinham interview


A Doctor's Guide to Whole Food Plant Based Eating -- Dr Alyce Churchill

Raising Children Vegan: An Interview with Robyn Chuter Part I


The Luke Tan Interview

A Fitness Lover's Vegan Journey -- Amanda Riddles


Political parties for animals – Can they help? -- Bruce Poon

For the Animals

My Journey To Vegan and Growing Up On A Farm Sanctuary -- Tamsin Dean Einspruch

The Prophecy of Peace and A Place of Peace – Sacred Sanctuary for Animals -- Billie Dean

Don’t Be Angry, Be Effective -- James Aspey

Bacon Protest Report -- Kimberley Deeney

Standing Up For Animals Around Australia – photos of activism

How to Beat Procrastination


Eight Steps To Starting Your Own Vegan Business -- Jenny Thai

Vegan Ventures: Businesses are Playing an Important Role in Spreading the Vegan Message -- Katrina Fox

Those Vegan Beards: Interview with David Rafter from D+T

The Vegan Architect: Interview with Ricardo Molina


Vegan Australia -- Greg McFarlane

The Thinking Activist

Intersectional Veganism -- Ruby Hamad


Veganism -- The Environmental Imperative -- Radhika Mittal


Interview with Alex Gawly from Abolición


Self-Compassion…Because You're Worth it! -- Eve Nguyen

Thriving as an Activist -- Michelle Gravolin

Gratitude’s Role in Effective Activism -- Divya Hemnani


Vegan Voices: Communication Skills for Vegans

Is a Special Meal Really Catering to Your Needs? -- Clare Mann


Courtesy of Tammy Fry (Frys Family Food Co), Mel Baker (The Kind Cook) and Nicole English (Raw Kiwi)

Travel and Adventure

The Sydney Vegan Bus tour

Forest Haven B&B -- Interview with Jo Osborne


Introduction to Veganic Gardening -- Sue Torlach

Eco Fashion

Greening Your Wardrobe -- Amanda Rootsey


Becoming Vegan and Creating Your Vegan Tribe -- Leigh-Chantelle


Gigi Pizzeria

Soul Burger

Product Reviews and Giveaways

Australian Vegans is 80+ pages of exclusive content.

It is available in both print and digital formats.

The print version uses sustainably sourced paper and adheres to fair trade practices.

Thank you

We gratefully acknowledge the ethical vegan businesses who have come on board as advertisers to support the launch issue of Australian Vegans Journal. They are:

Vegan Wares

The V Spot

Tracie O’Keefe

The Cruelty Free Shop -- Sydney and Melbourne

Superfood Sushi

Cherry Brown

Cruelty Free Super

Jade Young Illustrations

Vegans Are

Everything Vegan -- Adelaide

Vegan Business Media

Clare Mann -- vegan psychologist

Would you like to be a launch issue sponsor?

Businesses and individuals still have the opportunity to be part of the launch issue. On this page we have different levels of sponsorship.

Why become a sponsor?

Be seen as a business who cares about the health and sustainability of the planet and its inhabitants. Being a sponsor of Australian Vegans Journal, you align yourself with a publication that is at the forefront of massive positive change in Australia and beyond.

Absolutely everyone who chooses a perk on this page will be mentioned in the launch issue. If you have ever dreamed of being published in a magazine, here is your chance!

**All perks include your name listed in the launch issue as a supporter on the Thank You page.**

Journal Perks

$5 A huge thank you from us and you will be the first to receive the link to the digital version of Australian Vegans Journal

$10 Your name or business name mentioned on our FB page thank you post plus be the first to receive the digital version of Australian Vegans Journal delivered to your inbox (in addition to being mentioned in the launch issue of AVJ)

$15 One print copy of Australian Vegans Journal Vol. 1 (The Launch Issue) posted to anywhere in Australia (add the overseas perk if posting outside Australia), plus the link to the digital version.

$12 Overseas postage

$30 One print copy of Australian Vegans Journal Vol. 1 and one copy of the book Plant-Powered Women, plus the link to the digital version.

Sponsor perks

** Important note: We only accept sponsorship from ethical vegan businesses. We will refund money to any businesses we discover are not 100% vegan and driven by ethical veganism. We don't accept sponsorship from alcohol-related businesses or products. If you need further information, please email: first before choosing this perk.

$40 Your name and logo on the thank you page in the launch issue of Australian Vegans Journal

$55 Your name, logo and website in the launch issue of Australian Vegans Journal

$65 **** SOLD OUT **** Your name, logo, website and one paragraph blurb about you or your business in the launch issue of Australian Vegans Journal

Meet the Editor perks

$100 One hour Skype meeting with editor Kathy Divine about your independent publishing project: book or magazine (Includes print or digital copy of Australian Vegans Journal)

$150 Lunch with Kathy Divine at a vegan restaurant in Sydney (includes print or digital copy of Australian Vegans Journal)

Copies of Australian Vegans Journal will be posted / digital download links emailed in approximately May 2016

*** For those who make payments anonymously and don't choose a product/service in exchange, we will use the money to send free copies of the magazine to influencers and public places such as libraries and doctor's surgeries. ***

The AVJ Team

Editor: Kathy Divine

Designer: Shuang West

Illustrator: Jade Paton

Content Consultant: Corey Thompson

Web Designer: Kumaresh Sundaramurthy

Communications Manager: Vanessa Stanley

If you like the sound of our campaign, please share it and grab a perk now!

We also have a website,, with links to this campaign page there too.

Thank you for reading!

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Team Members

Kathy Divine

Corey Thompson

Jade Paton

Kumaresh Sundaramurthy

Shuang West

Vanessa Stanley