Duke's Place Called Home

By sharon lawlor

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STAGE 1 COMPLETED WITH 10,360.00 going over to the STAGE 2

Raise the Roof with our
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UPDATE with 10 days to go, we have upped the target for stage 2
Well folks we reached the target, so we now have the shortfall in the deposit
A MILLION moo licks to ALL involved £80,000
Stage one successfully completed and we are now in a position to go ahead on the purchase of Calf Sanctuary's Place called home.

With there still being 10 days left on this campaign we have upped the goal to try and get help with Stage 2...Anything over the 80,000 target will be added to a stage 2 Campaign once this ends. But it would be great to know that we could steam ahead with dukes shelter & cart
We estimate the rebuild and the hoisting system to be in region of 10-15,000
BUT the great thing is, this shed would house duke AND a friend so who knows a duchess may be on the

We have a long long road to travel and a LOT of work to be done in so many areas, but our main concern is to get Dukes disabled barn built with a hoisting system that will enable him to be mobile indoors and get him the much needed exercise all year round, the supporting struts are there but that's about all and the floor may need concreting also.
We also seriously need a better system built within to safely get him out of his wheelcart...His wheelcart also needs remodelling as we now have a better understanding of what he needs and this one at present really does not support his back legs well enough, it has served a purpose but we REALLY need it modifying and we could even use it inside his new barn as part of his physio

And then theres a field shelter....To house all the cows and sheep over winter, that would need to be in excess of 60X40 with concrete base, holding crush system for vet care, (which we already have ) running water, drainage and electric....Just for a basic shelter we were quoted 15,000 plus vat....
And thats before removals costs of the animals and equipment that we have
Not to mention, machinery (arrrgggggg) but hopefully we will do fundraising events once we get the place also to try and help
Just for these 2 sheds and dukes cart modified we are looking at 35,000 plus....we have upped the goal by 20,000 and anything over 80,000 will carry to campaign No 2 on completion of this fundraiser
Please keep your support coming.....The animals depend on you...Hugs X

15 days to go

PLEASE help, we have so much to do, EVERY single penny is vital....

This is my pleading face

Sunday 6th March (Happy Mothers day)
Dukes worried face, can we turn his frown upside down

Only 26 days to go and a whopping 16,500 still to raise....

We have been astounded by the love for calf sanctuary and we are so grateful for all the support from everybody, it really is very touching.
We have had art work donate, letters and cards threw the post, people doing bungy jumps (very brave), calfeee mornings, bakes sales, sponsored runs...Its amooozing.
This week we took in another 5 rescues ( yes i know its not the sanest thing to do when we are losing our home) but how could i say no knowing what their fate would be
3 ewes..2 of them with babies...

By the end of this month we could start the ball rolling

Wed 24th February
Fantastic news, we raised just over 5,000 in the recent online auction...
THANK MOOO to all who donated, bid or played part in behind the scenes....we MASSIVELY appreciate.

Stage 1 is almost there....HELP US GET THE DREAM X

Fri 19th February UPDATE
Time is ticking and we are itching to get mooooved to a safe place. Every day i get butterflies in my stomach knowing what lays ahead and how daunting it all is.
This week we rescued two newborn lambs, my heart was broken when little romeo died, yet his story reached out to 1000s upon 1000s and i just know that no matter what sadness it brings i HAVE to carry on for "The Animals"
Tears flow as i type because the passion for what i do means so much and all that i do is from the heart.
Little romeo was buried yesterday in a lovely plant pot so that where ever we go he will come with us, we filled it with lavender plants, so that whenever i smell lavender i will think of him.

Gone but never forgotten my little baby romeo (valentine)

His sister "Spotty" is still with us and we want to see her run in new pastures.
PLEASE help us make this dream come true

Yesterday i got a call from triodos bank...All my paperwork has now gone in to two banks and its a matter of sitting and waiting to hear back.
It looks promising BUT i HAVE to raise the deposit shortfall...

Still a long way to go and the time is ticking as we are more than half way through the time.
If the bank say yes we will be ready to go IF we have the deposit in place...
Once we get the sanctuary safe we WILL be registering as a charity
CALF is for LIFE and i want it to continue saving lives and raising awareness long after i leave this journey.
BE PART of something amazing
Follow "Duke Bullock" on facebook to keep up to date with all we are doing
A massive thank moo to all X

SAt 13 Update

Well folks on monday we reached the chuffed fundraiser half way mark. Can we reach halfway on the goal.
We still have a long way to go yet and every penny means so much.
We are being featured in Vegan Life magazine next week WooHoooo, which is a great magazine.

Calf sanctuary has many rescues and if we get this move, we will be able to save many many more lives.
Calf will be registering as a charity, if we get the place as we want our teamwork to continue for years to come.
Be part of something amazing...
I am STILL on with bank business plans, after weeks of redoing all the forecasts and plans, we are FINALLY ready to approach a few banks for the loan....
BUT the grand decision cannot be made unless we reach the 50% deposit
House and seven acres>>£400,000
Need 50% deposit on it>>£200,000
Already have this much>>£120,000
Need to raise this much>>£80,000
Raised on chuffed so far >>£37,000
Still Needed £43,000 for the bank to be interested

This week we put together business plans and cash flow forecasts for the bank, which is another huge hurdle, but we were pleased with the end figures of the NEW business.
We meet with the bank for stage one on monday to see if they will lend us on the business
BUT and this is the big BUT
We HAVE to raise 50% for them to even be interested
This is the details of what we are trying to achieve, made simple

House and seven acres>>£400.00
Need 50% deposit on it>>£200.00
Already have this much>>£120.00
Need to raise this much>>£80.000
Raised on chuffed so far >>£23,000
Still Needed £57,000 for the bank to be interested

YOUR Support is vital
If we reach the goal we can surge ahead and get the ball rolling.
Calf would then open the doors to the world and be self supportive

If we don't reach the goal, then we need to start to look to rehome the animals :0(
Sadly there is nowhere that would take duke with his disability

Calf sanctuary is home to
Dogs, cats, pigs, cows, sheep, goats, turkeys and hens

Thank you to all helping us, you have no idea how much it means to know that people really care.
We want nothing more than to see our animals safe and to watch duke run in new fields.
A place where he can even be mobile when the weather is to wet to go out.
A place called home that will live on even when we are gone
Calf Sanctuary FOR the animals
TOGETHER we can do this

UPDATE Sat 23rd Jan
Duke's Place Called Home ~ Stage 1

Every day time is ticking by and of course we are very worried, we have been in some of the local papers and on the radio but we know that the goal we need to achieve is not an easy task.

So i have been busy working my brain as to how we could really make this happen.
The place we viewed a few weeks ago would not leave my mind. So i made calls to the bank and a few other mortgage specialists and i have been told if i can raise the 50% then i will have a very good chance of getting the rest on a mortgage.
I have appointments next week to confirm this, but i have a lot of work to do with business plans and forecasts.
This still does not mean we are safe as we are a long way off target. We have a wonderful team of people on facebook helping with the fundraising and we are so thankful for the support that is helping us through this tough time.
This week we revisited the farm and had long chats with the owner, who has recently taken the property off the market as he was not happy with the agent, he was due to put the place back on the market, but fingers crossed if we can raise the funds needed he will keep it for a few months.
We feel like the angels are on our side with this one.
That in itself is a huge bonus that its not on the market right now
The original price with the whole 35 acres was way out of our league BUT the owner knows how desperate our needs are and he is prepared to spilt the purchase so that we can buy as a whole but payment in two parts...
The house with 7 acres to start at 400,000, then the land at a later date if and when we can afford but till that time we can rent the whole lot of 28 acres for a mere 20.00 per month
This feels like its to good to be true...and it is....If we can do this, then its a dream come true.
We will NEVER get an opportunity like this again.

The place could be beautiful...Surrounded by the moors, it has huge open fields, a small woodland area, more than enough space to bring all the rescues together.
The potential to expand and SOOOOO much more
To secure this place, we NEED to raise the 50% just to get the deposit..
We have got the purchase price reduced and if we get the commercial mortgage we have extended the years to reduce the repayments.
Yes there will be different stages to the plea as the fundraiser is just to secure the place....
To get the farm open and working to bring an income in to repay the mortgage will take quite a lot of money...BUT plans have already been approved to turn old buildings into holiday cottages and an annexe.
The most important thing to us is to SECURE the place and get the ball rolling.
If we get the place, we can then do open days to fundraise through the various stages...
With the recent changes and the great news on this place...
We have been able to reduce the target dramatically to get to stage 1

Can we reach stage 1...

Stage 2...
If we can accomplish stage 1 the next part would be
Rebuilding of this....
"Dukes Place"
An old hay store next to the house...Plenty big enough for duke and even a friend for him in the future.
Room for his walker indoors on wet days, and a bigger hoisting system so that we can exercise him much better

Calf Sanctuary ~ Original Plea X

6 years ago Ma and Da took a leap into the darkness. They left town life and a good business behind to do something worthwhile and meaningful.
They rescued an old cow (mamamoo) and her dying baby (LuVu) and it all started there.
That special old lady touched hearts.
Calf is now home to many rescues and we have spread over 3 different areas with 2 extra fields, of which also causes a huge strain and extra workload.
All the rescues are totally dependant upon owners Sharon & Warren who work tirelessly to keep it all going, alongside running online websites and also a vegan cafe in scarborough.

"There's No Place Like Home"

Sadly we have been told by the owners of our home, that our tenancy this year is not going to be renewed.
This news came as a big shock, this means by july this year we will be homeless.
Of course we can easily find a home for ourselves, we can even put many of the rescues on rented fie
lds which is far from ideal but if it means keeping them safe then so be it....BUT

We have a couple of huge worries.
Some of the rescues we have are totally dependant....

UPDATE 8.1.16 Sadly our lucy died :0(
I cannot bring myself to remove her from our campaign as lucy will live on forever in our hearts and the only light i can get from her death is that there are many like lucy out there that need our help....I miss her presence so much, but i will use the sadness to push harder to save more precious lives and raise awareness
RIP my little angel X life without your baaaa feels empty
Like lucy the sheep, who has a deformed jawline and cannot graze like sheep, so she needs special food and to be fed regularly.
Our main concern is Duke the Bullock as he is severely disabled and totally dependant upon us.
He came into calf march 2015 with severe injuries and Sharon and Warren battled against the odds for months to try and get the care he needed. Relentless they remodelled their lives to fit around the needs of this special little bullock who has had a hard time in life.
He was born a dwarf which meant he was worthless right from the start. He was hurt we presume by horned cows, which we believe cause damaged to his pelvis and also neurological damage.
After months of care and trying to get the help from professionals we began to realise that we really were alone with this.
we began to accept that there literally seemed to be no one out there who could help us, yet we love this boy like a child and dedicated our lives to helping him.
We now know that duke will never walk really well again, we have had a hoisting system built within his shed and also a special wheelcart made from him to keep him mobile

We cannot leave him for longer than 4 hour periods and without us duke will have no life...
We have tried to find rented accommodation, yet there is nothing that would allow the animals that we have. The only real option we have is to buy somewhere, yet the odds are stacked against us and so is time.
We have to be out of our home by july which is a huge almost impossible task and this is where you THE PEOPLE come in
Dukes life and his story is a special one and he has reached out to many people since he has been at calf. He bonded with a little lamb called kevin that never left his side when he arrived, they have built a very special friendship

He has helped people to see the love and beauty with the special bond he has with his best friend kevin the lamb and his human parents Sharon and Warren.
The harsh reality of dukes future if we do not find a home is unbearable

The Yellow Brick Road

The journey over the next few months is make or break for calf sanctuary and all our residents.
We have spent the last month looking for the "place called home"
Somewhere where we can relocate and bring ALL our rescues together in one place.
Last year i sold a property that i bought as an investment many years ago for my future pension, in the hopes that i could raise enough money for a deposit. Sadly the banks wanted more, as i would need a business mortgage not a domestic one, as i need to run the sanctuary as a business to provide income to repay the mortgage, which means a 50% deposit.
We have found a number of property's that would be suitable, but all come with a price tag way beyond our available funds.
We are looking at the bottom end of the market and not stretching beyond as we know even the bottom end is a huge ask.
We realistically have only 3 months to raise the funds and secure a home.

When we get the "place called home" it will mean our much loved highland cow rescues "Gevan and Edradore" can come home to live with us at calf instead of a field miles away.
It will mean the our two heifers in whitby ( a field miles away) can come home to calf and that all our rescue will have shelter and space instead of cramped conditions.

It will also mean that we can finally open our doors to the public ( as we are restricted where we live) and let the world meet the beautiful Duke, kevin and the gang.
People can come an connect with the animals they love in real life :0) which will reach out to more people and touch hearts.

Be Part Of The Dream

Help us to keep calf sanctuary alive.
Without your support we cannot do this...
If we can secure the place we have seen, there is huge potential to expand over the years and to get open to the public with so much more than a sanctuary.
Our hopes are to share our dream with you the people and we tell it from the heart...We are not after fame and fortune. All we want is to keep our much loved rescues safe and keep calf sanctuary alive for years to come.
Be part of the dream and i promise we will never let you down

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Every one will be completely different

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