10,000 Doorstep Dinners

By St Patricks Community Support Centre

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Providing meals to vulnerable people

The COVID 19 pandemic is significantly affecting us all.

It is having a serious impact on vulnerable people in our community who are socialy isolated and have limited access to income and food.

Meanwhile local restaurants are struggling to maintain their business in light of government restrictions.

St Patrick's Community Support Centre in Fremantle is currently working with community services, businesses and volunteers to support those must vulnerable and impacted by COVID-19.

200 meals per day

We are currently providing 200 meals each day for 90 days to people who are vulnerable in our community.

In doing this we are helping people feel connected and supported through this pandemic.

We are also supporting local resturants to continue to generate income and remain in business.

We need your help - 10,000 meals!

We need to raise $160,000 to provide an additional 10,000 meals to people who are vulnerable. This will enable us to provide one meal each day to another 110 people for 3 months.

  • $16 will provide one meal to someone who is vulnerable.
  • $112 will provide one meal each day to someone who is vulnerable for one week.
  • $496 will provide one meal each day to someone who is vulnerable for one month.
  • $1,456 will provide one meal each day to someone who is vulnerable for three months.

Any additional funding will enable us to provide meals to more people who need them.

We know many people are unable to donate at this time, but please share this through your network and with your help we can reach those who can.

Philanthropic supporters

Minderoo Foundation. The foundation has provided funding to set up the project and fund 200 meals a day for the first 45 days. Funding will be used to expand the project beyond the first 45 days and to create a blueprint to expand to more metroplitan regions.

The McCusker Charitable Foundation. The foundation has provided seed funding for the project.

Fremantle Ports. Fremantle Ports have donated $10,000 to enable Doorstep Dinners to provide additional meals to those who need them.

Project Supporters

The project is supported by:

  • Rise Network
  • United Way West
  • Fremantle Chamber of Commerce
  • CEOs for Gender Equity
  • 50 Volunteers

Participating restaurants

  • Benny's
  • Strange Company
  • La Sosta
  • The National Hotel

A comment from our recipents.

Our staff are overwhelmed at the support from the local community with food deliveries to our residents.

It’s making their job easier as it’s one less thing to worry about (in a long list of worries!)

You have no idea of the difference!

It was honestly one of the issues causing us the most stress and worry as we have lots of older people who really can’t be out"

An email received from staff from one of the lodging houses where food is being delivered daily.

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Team Members

Angela Corf

Lyn Levy

Melanie Watkins