100 Hives in 100 Schools

By Starfish Foundation

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About the project

The 100 Hives in 100 Schools project aims to raise the profile of Native Bees for future generations and highlight their value in terms of strategies for diversifying beekeeping in the agricultural and food industry, as well as increasing the numbers of Native Bees as a whole.

Where does this need come from?

There has been a buzz in the media over the past few years about bees.

What’s it all about?

Basically 1/3 of every mouthful we eat needs to be insect pollinated and if we have no bees (the major pollinators) we have less food. Pests and diseases have long been a source of problems in the beekeeping industry worldwide and with the potential onset of the Varroa Mite entering Australia, we need to look at diversification in our bee species and beekeeping industry.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We here at Little Star Bee Sanctuary have seen the importance of educating our future generations on bees and pollination – so we are bringing an ‘unbeelieveable’ project to education environments in our wider community.

Across the Mid North Coast of NSW we are placing 100 Hives in 100 Schools!!!

On top of our amazing bee community at Little Star Bee Sanctuary, we have some truly awesome people supporting us on our journey including the following:

  • Paul West, the former River Cottage Australia presenter and host of the recent ABC Catalyst Program on bees - Bee Advocate
  • Dr Tim Heard from Sugarbag bees - Entomologist
  • The Starfish Foundation - Auspicing the 100 Hives in 100 Schools project as a tax deductible charity.

Visit the 100 Hives in 100 Schools project to find out more: https://100hivesin100schools.net.au/

You can join us

We are looking for donations and sponsors big and small to raise $250,000 to fund the education program initially for 3 years. After this time we plan for the project to be self-sustaining and expanding bee populations, so more education opportunities can happen with Native Bees in the broader community and possibly further afield.

Donations of $2500 or more can be earmarked for a specific area of this work. If donating larger amounts (over $2500) please contact us to arrange a transfer of funds.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Your name on our special donor's page (updated weekly)... and

knowing that you have contributed to raising the next generation of bee advocates through:

  • Creating the mind of enquiry in children and adults alike into Native Bee behaviour and characteristics – learners will be able to get up close and personal with the bees and find out about their fascinating social behaviours
  • Creating educational resources for use in conjunction with the NSW curriculum to support learning in science, reading, writing, art, etc
  • Aiding in the conservation and reproduction of Native Bees
  • Pollinating school/ local gardens
  • Adding a conversation point for teachers, colleagues, learners, staff and parents – a regular segment in the newsletter perhaps
  • Increasing numbers of Native Stingless Bees (Tetragonula carbonaria) on the Mid North Coast of NSW
  • Creating data from placement and observation of hives – this can contribute to further study on Native Stingless bees in this region
  • Creating and enhancing a network of people passionate about Native Bees on the Mid North Coast of NSW and further afield.

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