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We profit from the EU

Imagine this: I can take my national ID, fly to another country without a border check

  • I fly without a passport or border check
  • Take my own phone and pay no cent extra
  • Know what's in the food, even when abroad
  • ... and when I fall in love, I am allowed to stay forever!

It requires a lot of work for countries to work together that close! A big part of this discussion happens in the the European Parliament - the largest trans-national democratic electorate in the world. This year, we can elect this very parliament.

But there’s a problem

The EU currently consists of 28 countries. And you're free to live in any of them! However, every country has their own electoral laws. "But The upcoming elections are European, so certainly there must be unified laws", right? Nope - every country is pretty much free to do what they like. Some countries allow voting by post, others in embassies - some even online! But it's not that easy to find out how you can exactly vote.

3 out of 4 young people did not cast their vote in the previous European Parliament elections. I believe we should make sure the EU goes where we want - because we are the future!

In today's high speed society, if the video doesn't load, you scroll on. So why bother taking a lot of time to research how to vote?

Here’s our solution

We ask you two questions, and tell you immediately how you can cast your vote.

Could it be any easier? Accessible from pretty any device with an internet connection, we hope to bring knowledge about the most basic democratic tool back to the people.

Why we need your help

Making an app and researching electoral laws takes time. While it's great when people put their free time in projects, we believe in fair payment.

With your contribution, we can pay our developers, our research assistant, as well as costs for the server and licenses we need.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Of course, we want to thank you for your contribution! We have shirts, hoodies, notebooks and more for you!

10€ A personal postcard
10€ “Some call it Europe, we call it home” Notebook (30 available)
15€ AEGEE “Drink tap” bottle (10 available)
15€ One “Some call it Europe, we call it home” T-Shirt (40 available)
30€ One “Some call it Europe, we call it home” Hoodie (60 available)

Combine two perks and get 5€ off! Shirt and hoodie sizes depending on availability.

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Philipp Blum