Help Me Bring Menstrual Health & Hygiene to Tanzanian Girls: Summer 2019

By Mimi Muir

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Did You Know?

Girls in developing countries may miss up to 4 days of school each month because of menstruation. Health and hygiene education is frequently absent, allowing gender-based taboos and violence to thrive and fostering mis-information.

What Does This Mean?

Girls drop out of school (or fall behind) and women - who also lack access to affordable, safe, affordable hygiene products - miss work and other opportunities.

We Can Change This!

I am proud to be one of the Founding Ambassadors for UhuruPads - an eco-friendly, 100% compostable and biodegradable sanitary pad. UhuruPads ("Uhuru" is the Swahili word for "Freedom") bring understanding, health, and hygiene to Tanzanian girls in need.

An an initiative of the US non-profit Foot Forward Fund and other funders, UhuruPads are made in a small facility by local women (resulting in a critical product and desperately needed jobs). UhuruPads are the nation's only 100% biodegradable sanitary pad and, through generous donors, pads, undergarments, and basic health and hygiene education are provided to school-aged girls. Provide with compassion and dignity, UhuruPads affirm the potential and worth of the girls who receive them.

Support Our Team - and 1000's of Tanzanian Girls!

UhuruPad Field Ambassadors (ages high school through adult) are selected to travel to Tanzania, with each team member setting a goal to bring menstrual health and hygiene to at least 300 girls for an entire year. It costs approximately $12 to provide one girl with self-confidence building health and hygiene information, undergarments, and a year's worth of UhuruPads. After undergoing training to allow them to present our educational platform, Field Champions travel to Tanzania as part of a team, delivering UhuruPads and changing girls' lives forever through education and affirmation.

Each dollar you provide through this site is tax-deductible (you'll automatically receive your tax receipt - hooray!). By the way - please know that I will be doing my best to contribute as much as I personally can, too! Together, with other volunteers, I hope we can serve 6000 girls in need!

Questions About Our Champions Program (interested in participating yourself or have ideas to share)? Visit or contact Laura Chauvin via email to: [email protected]

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Mimi Muir