Seeding Intergenerational Resilience II

By Lewis Williams

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We live in times of profound intergenerational and interspecies disconnection. Indigenous & intergenerational knowledge transmission are critical to addressing this crisis. The Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience (AIR) and collaborators are seeding 7 intergenerational resilience hubs across Turtle Island (Canada) and internationally with Indigenous and settler communities, as a way of remaking and healing these vital life-giving connections. A global exchange of intergenerational learnings will complete our project. Today we are witness to many, acts which break or threaten the circle of life. Come, be part of a community that is working to rebuild and renew this sacred circle.


About Us: Launched in 2015 (as the International Resilience Network or IRN), the key purpose of the AIR is supporting the growth of locally based innovations aimed at healing our inter-generational and inter-species connections. Renamed the Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience (AIR) in 2017, the mission of our organization has not changed, only the urgency. At the Heart of our work is the resurgence of Indigenous knowledge for human and planetary well-being, Elders and youth have important roles to play at our helm. Air is something that every living being on The Earth shares, and without it, we could not live. It is the greatest gift we could be given, and it is thus a fitting acronym for an alliance of communities who are working to re-connect to The Earth, and to rebuild the Circle of Life.

AIR is made up of communities and peoples who are passionate about the revitalization of Indigenous, and interconnected ways of being, and see them as a response to the individualism and consumerism that is wiping away life. The purpose of this campaign is to allow for more communities and more people to have access to the resilient traditions of our older generations through the creation of Intergenerational Resilience (IGR) Hubs.

Relationships play an important part in our community-building and there's a lot of growing enthusiasm on the ground about our hubs! Our 7 Foundational Communities include people who attended our 2015 Summit, who saw the chance to repair what is being broken, and they still stand firm as members of our Alliance. Some of us have been working and growing together for over a decade or more - i.e, International Human Ecology Network Paper, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (October 2007); Health in Harmony with the Environment, Saskatoon, Canada 2008; the ground-breaking book Radical Human Ecology: Indigenous and Intercultural Approaches (2012); and the subsequent Radical Human Ecology Dialogues 2013-2014 (link to film); the Koru International Network (KIN); and, the Spirit Matters community are each examples of groups, communities, and organizations that serve as examples of how an alliance of communities can offer space and place for the sharing of intergenerational, and intercultural knowledge and wisdom.

Our Team

Our team is made up of AIR’s Board of Directors and our Campaign Team. The Board provides the oversight for the campaign whilst the Campaign Team is responsible for the day to day organization of our campaign.

Campaign Team Members

Our Campaign is co-managed by AIR’s Board Chair and Founding Director Dr Lewis Williams and Kikila Perrin.

As a member of the Ngai Te Rangi tribe, Aotearoa, who has both who has settler and Indigenous origins, Lewis Williams, knows first hand the richness of moving back to deeply interconnected ways of being. It is possible, and necessary for all of us.

A settler of mostly western European descent, Kikila Perrin is a development officer with the Nature Conservancy of Canada. He became involved in intergenerational learning through personal intercultural experiences in Aotearoa, British Columbia, and Gulu, Uganda, where he learned first-hand that decolonial and environmental resilience often come from sharing stories and passing on knowledge.

One of our two Youth Director Fergus Walker, Isle of Skye, Scotland, is one of the Founding Directors of Common Good Food, a not for profit focused on food sovereignty through combining modern technology with traditional, Indigenous knowledge. To hear from fergus see his short video on

About Our Campaign: Our campaign to heal inter-generational and inter-species connections is in response to the profound Disconnect Condition of our times. For example, this disconnection is evident in the interconnected problems of climate-change and species depletion, Indigenous youth suicide or the high poverty rates of older people. If our inter-generational and inter-species connections continue to unravel so do we!

As a means of strengthening our connections and passing on traditional knowledge we are continuing to re-establish the rich Indigenous, inter-generational, and intercultural connections begun at our 2015 Summit on Tsawout traditional territory. To do this we aim to establish 7 inter-generational resilience hubs in Turtle Island (Canada), Alba (Scotland), Aotearoa (New Zealand), and Australia.

The aim of each hub is to strengthen practices of intergenerational resilience - the strength that comes from shared knowledge and connections between Elders and youth. Whether through land-based learning, arts-informed ways of being or deep fireside talks, each hub will bring Elders and youth together for inter-generational learning around practical tasks of sustainability. Each hub or sustainability innovation will be evaluated and learnings shared through our global virtual exchange program.

Your contributions will be vital in enabling Elders and young people to attend each hub, supporting the costs of food, venue, learning materials, coordination and program evaluation. Through connecting and supporting today's knowledge keepers and tomorrow's leaders your contributions play a vital role in ensuring we sustain the web of life! Just like a well-tended garden, if given the support and nourishment, each hub will seed new hubs, spinning the web of resilience wide and far. You will also join a growing community of people who share your focus, spirit and intention, and be a Foundational Member of the AIR community.

We​ ​are​ ​only​ ​as​ ​strong​ ​as​ ​we​ ​are​ ​united, and we hope that you will stand with us in seeding intergenerational resilience.

What We Need & What You Get

Carrying the energy and enthusiasm forward from our first hub launch “ReefNet Fishing and Reconciliation” on Tsawout traditional territory, B.C., Seeding Inter-generational Resilience II is aiming to raise a Total of $55,000; with $10,000 of this to be sourced through our spreading the word here on, in addition to lump sum organizational donations. This money will be used to seed our intergenerational resilience and fund our global exchange.

Inter-generational Resilience Hubs

  • $5,000 / hub ($35,000 total) which will be matched locally either in cash or in kind resourcing;
  • $200 will support one Elder or young Thought Leader's attendance at an Inter-generational resilience hub over 2-3 days. This includes travel, cost of material, food and accommodation.

Global Exchange

  • $20,000 to coordinate results emerging from each hub, establish our inter-generational and intercultural global exchange through a digital platform, and seed our next international face to face summit in Aotearoa.
  • $12,000 will fund a coordinator, $3,000 for our digital platform, and $5,000 towards seeding the next summit (travel and time costs).

Funds raised beyond this goal will contribute to achieving AIR’s longer term goals outlined in our Indigenous Social Impact Strategy at

These resources will have an immediate and profound impact, allowing AIR to take the next steps to increase capacity, extend influence, and to help create the much-needed spaces and places to encourage inter-generational knowledge sharing and intercultural exchange.

If we don't reach our entire goal of $55,000, our first priority is to seed each of the 7 Inter-generational resilience hubs.

What you will receive for joining the AIR Community

Everyone who donates to this campaign will immediately be recognized as a Foundational Community Member within the Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience. Through this act of generosity you will be you will be joining a small, grassroots community as it grows and help lead to the betterment of our understanding of how we relate to The Earth, our ancestors, and each other.

Beyond that, in the spirit of reciprocity we have modest offerings for donations at different levels, each allowing you to enjoy (and show!) your involvement in this community in different ways:

  • $10-$25 Membership of AIR including 2 newsletters per year;
  • $25-$50 Air membership and a copy of The Elders Voices Summit Photo Booklet (the 2015 international Summit that founded AIR),
  • $50-$100: Air membership; Elders Voices Photo Booklet; Radical Ecology, a book by Carolyn Merchant;
  • $100+: Radical Ecology, and an AIR “Foundational Membership” T-shirt

The Impact

Sadly, Indigenous peoples are often placed on the front-lines of ecological devastation. Through their activism and will, they are doing their best to hold back the interests that see The Earth as only a resource to be exploited. Their cultures and traditions are in constant threat, and as they are the Protectors on these front-lines, their traditions are being lost now, almost more than ever. By contributing to this growing community, you won’t simply be donating your money to another idea, you will be participating in the restoration of what is being lost at an unbelievable rate. You will be helping to create safe places where these traditions can be shared between generations. This work has the potential to:

  • Restore the importance of Indigenous and traditional knowledge (within Indigenous communities, and in settler society);
  • Re-centre inter-generational connections and relationships between Elders and Youth;
  • Further grow the strength and talents of our youth, unleashing the capacities of our communities;
  • Perhaps most significant, generate understandings across Indigenous and settler communities of how we can work together for sustainable futures.

To see our track record of growing inter-generational resilience go to:

Other Ways You Can Help

There are many ways besides financial contributions to help:

  • Getting the word out about our campaign is a biggie;
  • Hitting the share tools will help heaps;
  • Or you might know of people or organizations who can provide perks to help our campaign along!

There is a word in WSÁNEĆ that perfectly articulates the goals, motivations, and hopes of AIR. That word, “Ye’how,” means “to complete something together that can only be completed together.”

Come and be part of our journey! Let’s pull together to restore the Circle of Life.


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Lewis Williams