Building Rwanda's Future - Construction of Classroom/Playground

By Samantha Law

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Rebuilding Rwanda through Education

In 1994 Rwanda was the location of a horrific genocide that resulted in the death of over 800 000 men, women and children. In the eastern province of Rwanda, there is a preschool of roughly 150 students whose families were greatly affected by the genocide. The woman who runs the preschool is a genocide survivor who is trying to rebuild a community based around reconciliation and forgiveness by providing these children with an education.

What we're doing..

In June 2018, a team of engineering and support students will travel to Rwanda to construct a classroom and playground to enhance the education facilities of this preschool in the community of Ruhinga. The classroom and playground will serve the school with over 150 children and provide a meeting place for community matters. Through the provision of improved education facilities, we hope that we can bring improved education opportunities to the children to support the redevelopment and growth of Rwanda.

But we need your help!

As part of the construction project, our student team must raise enough money to purchase materials for construction. So we are asking for your help! Please support our project and be part of supporting growth and opportunity to the communities in Rwanda.

All money raised will be going directly to the purchase of construction materials, so you can be sure that your money is going towards making an real difference on the ground in Rwanda.

The more money that we raise the more we can achieve with our project. Even the smallest donation will improve the learning experience of these young children.

Your generosity won't go unnoticed!

For more information or to ask how you can support us in other ways, get in touch with Sam and her team at 0447740773 or [email protected]

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Samantha Law