More Than One Voice - a collection of our girls' stories

By Paloma

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A little bit of context

We've been mobilising girls throughout the developing world for six years now, meeting some of the most awe-inspiring girls from Brasil to India to Sierra Leone, and many places in between. Through our work and because of the strength and determination of our scholars, there are so many untold stories of personal growth, community change, and global mobilisation and we want you to hear them and to celebrate them with us! We work with girls both in our exchange programme and our blended learning initiative, and now through the writing of this book. Helping them to connect to their own power as girls and then using that power and knowing to become leaders and role models to other girls around the world. But we need your help to ensure that their stories are told.

But there’s a problem

We all know that the COVID19 crisis has changed so much of the landscape for us all and Global Girl is no different. However, our girls have been in lockdown in some very difficult situations. Sharing two-room homes with multiple family members, no indoor plumbing or electricity, and a lack of government support to supply them with the basic necessities of life. Some of our girls don't have tv or internet, and most don't have computers. And for Global Girl, our ability to raise money through running events has been greatly hampered, but just like our girls, our strength is in our resilience, and so we found a new way to support our global scholars!!!

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We have worked with eight of our exchange program graduates, from our first cohort to our most recent one, to write their own stories. Their stories are very personal, sharing their journey of being a girl in their country, and then their path towards becoming leaders in their own right. We have designed this collaboration as a Young Adults book that is meant to inspire and mobilise each reader to push themselves even further towards their goals.

In addition to sharing all different voices of girls who live in poverty in the developing world, this book will create economic independence for both our girls and our programming. Each author will receive a percentage of the profits made and the rest of the book sales will go directly to our global leadership programming.

You can join us

By giving to this campaign you will help us to cover the costs of publishing our book, distributing our book, and ensuring that we can get this book into the hands of other girls throughout the developing world, who need to see themselves represented in literature. Your money will also go towards our new Blended Learning Leadership Initiative that will be running in Nigeria, Haiti, Afghanistan, South Africa and Jordan. Your gift will ensure that we can mobilise even more girls to create change and eventually tell their own stories of leadership!

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

And just because we have so much gratitude for your support we want to give you something in return! So if you give:

£35 - You'll receive a PDF version of the book

£60 - You'll receive a printed copy of the book

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