Lockup Lockin 2020

By Durham Cops

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A little bit of context

Care of Police Survivors supports families left behind after a police officer has died. They provide a vital support network putting on events for widows/widowers, children, parents and siblings of loved ones. This support is absolutely crucial and importantly, there is no-one else that survivors can get this kind of help from people who really do understand what they are going through.

The West Midlands Police Heritage Project is trying to raise enough money to convert the Steelhouse Lane Lock-up into the new police museum. We want to save this historic building and preserve it for future generations, whilst making our amazing collection more accessible than ever before. As well as celebrating our heritage, we want to give out current policing and safety messages to young people about key topics such as knife crime, online safety, road safety, drugs and gangs. The significant engagement programme we have planned aims to build bridges between the police and communities of the West Midlands and educate our young people to help them to make better choices.

But there’s a problem

COPS is solely funded by public donations and needs additional funds to be able to put on these fantastic events and provide the support network needed by survivors.

Significant cuts to police funding have been well documented and West Midlands Police has lost over £125m in funding in recent years.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

In 2019 we ran our first Lock-up Lockin. Back due to popular demand, we have planned the second one for January 2020. We raised over £7,000 the first time round and we aim to smash this second time round.

The Lock-in gives participants the chance to raise sponsorship money to spend the night in the allegedly haunted Steelhouse Lane Lock-up.

You can join us

We are aiming for £10,000 with the 2020 event. We hope to use this money to support COPS in putting on crucial events for survivors and to contribute towards the Lock-ups plan of converting the building into a permanent museum. This will involve building works, new utilities, an accessible entrance and disability lift and some fantastic new displays to really showcase our amazing history.

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