Empower Firesticks Practitioners To Restore Cultural Fire

By Burning Seed Fire Art

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Support the Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation as we continue providing Indigenous leadership, advocacy and action to protect Country through cultural fire and land management practices. Firesticks acknowledges Country and Traditional Custodians and serves under their authority.

Firesticks is a proven methodology developed over 1000s of years of continual cultural practice and evolution. Cultural burning protects and enhances the environment while reducing risk to life and property.

Lets end these bad fires for good.

Your contribution will:

  • Help affected communities and Country to heal in the aftermath of recent and future bushfires.
  • Support to train over 100 accredited Cultural fire practitioners across Australia to read Country and apply cultural fire regimes that care for and protect Country, life and property.
  • Empower the local community to take an active role in decision-making by building community skills and capacity and providing a greater sense of custodianship
  • Create partnerships with industry professionals to deliver joint venture commercial and community activities that will provide mentoring and information exchange to promote capacity building with Aboriginal enterprise
  • Deliver community education, training and capacity building activities
  • Raise community awareness, understanding and information gathering of cultural and environmental issues to create positive change
  • Build recognition of cultural practice and knowledge
  • Deliver and assist cultural values mapping and monitoring projects
  • Support Traditional Custodians in maintaining and building fire knowledge and practice
  • Maintain and enhance the Firesticks Alliance organisational capacity & their Community of Practice
  • Acknowledge and respect past and present Traditional Custodians and honour their contribution and connection to Country

About Firesticks

The Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation (Firesticks) provides leadership, advocacy and action to protect, conserve and enhance cultural and natural values of people and Country through Cultural Fire, land restoration and wellbeing practices. Since the decline in Indigenous cultural fire and land stewardship there has been significant and increasingly negative impacts to Country through inappropriate fire regimes and mismanagement of Country. This has led to declines and extinction of culturally significant species, habitats and places, along with the increasing extreme high intensity wildfires that impact communities and the environment.

In response to Traditional Custodians rights and responsibilities to look after country and continue cultural practice, Firesticks has developed a community of practice to support the recognition and revitalisation of cultural fire lore through the sharing of knowledge and practice across Australia. A key element has been the delivery of local, regional and national cultural fire education, training and mentoring programs.

Firesticks values and respects country, local knowledge, protocols of Elders and ancestors and are committed to providing a supportive Indigenous led approach that fosters communication pathways and shared learnings of fire on Country. Firesticks partners with diverse communities, landholders, agencies and institutions across the continent. Together Firesticks is identifying pathways to apply cultural fire to landscapes, to help heal and care for Country and empowering communities through mentorship and shared understandings that are improving fire management in Australia.


You can make a real difference

Auspicing details and tax deductability

The Firestick Alliance is auspiced by Mullumbimby Sustainability Education & Enterprise Development Inc - Bunya Sustainability Fund.

The Bunya Sustainability Fund is listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations under item 6.1.1 of subsection 30-55(1) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible and receipts will be issued.

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Burning Seed Fire Art