Defeating Dwelly for MDWA

By Hayley Lethlean

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What I'm in for (and why I need your support)!

Completing Dwellingup 100 is no mean feat. There's muddy single-track trails taken on by 1,000 riders at a time. It's fast, sometimes treacherous and for me, it'll be challenging to cross that finish line on Saturday 19th September.

But I'm not really in it for the challenge... I'm in it for people like Reuben who I have the privilege of riding for!

I'm riding in Dwellingup 100 to raise funds for an amazing organisation that I work for and love dearly. Why? Well because the people I serve don't always get what they need and deserve, so it's organisations like ours that fill the gaps.

And who is Reuben you may ask?

Reuben is a 19 year old young man currently studying Chemistry at UWA. He is honestly one of the brightest young minds I know and he has a wicked sense of humour to boot!

I've had the honour of doing Dwelly the last 5 years with the support of Reuben and his family and each time I catch up with them, I am reminded of what's important in life - family, friendship, caring for others and having a positive outlook.

I feel truly lucky that I get to work for MDWA and meet families like the Cheuk's! So please show your support by donating to this awesome cause!

What will your donation do?

MDWA provides support to people like Reuben, living with muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular conditions in WA.

We ensure they get access to important things like social events; school holiday programs; counselling; kids camp; CoughAssist machines; advocacy and funding towards research.

All of this allows our community to live their best lives whilst they face the daily challenges of living with their condition.

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Hayley Lethlean