Hridaya Yoga France: Where the Spiritual Heart embraces Permaculture

By Permaculture Team

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The Spritual Heart embraces Permaculture

every donation = 1h of trash picking

Every time I work in the garden, my heart is growing of joy.
Every time I reuse material, my heart is growing of joy.
Every time I save a liter of water, my heart is growing of joy.
Every time I remove a piece of trash from the ground, my heart is growing of joy.
Every time I nurish from my plants, my heart is growing of joy.

Yoga and permaculture are a perfect match. Both paths observe and interact with natural laws to improve the flow of energies.

Here in Longeval, in the beautiful north of Lyon, we are creating a non-profit meditation and yoga center: Hridaya Yoga France. An inspiring place with a lively community where everyone can follow the path of selfinquiry to embrace their hearts (Hridaya means Spiritual Heart).

As karma yogis we volunteer to realize this dream while growing our awareness and consciousness. We, the permaculture team, do our best to harmonize with our surroundings and to create a sustainable community life (Scroll down for more information).

The platform asks for donation as well on the payment page. You can change the suggested amount by using "edit". Also, there will be a payment fee of approx. 3%.
Credits for the pictures: Rossana Salso

Now some theory: Permaculture and our vision

One of our goals is to live strongly in harmony with nature by following the 12 design principles of permaculture:

Living according to permaculture ethics and principles is a stepwise process. Our first steps have already been realized:

  • creating a veggie garden blossoming of diversity
  • building two composts
  • using regional organic products
  • re-using materials: for example flower pots out of bath tubes
  • recycling and diminishing waste
  • avoiding non-biodegradable products as vinegar in daily life business

Permaculture and yoga have similar values from different perspectives: the 'outside' and the 'inside'. First they increase energies and awareness in their specific area and then they combine the energies and awareness for the benefit of the whole.

Especially the work in the garden is a vivid example of the benefits for nature and for the community. Regarding nature: the composts, the veggie garden, new flowers and grass provide biospheres for small and tall animals and simultaneously increase variety. Regarding the community: besides energy and food, the work in and with nature is tremendously grounding, it strengthens the connection of the heart with Mother Earth.

Next steps are already ongoing or planned. For example one of the ongoing projects is the new natural working sewage system. It is a constructed wetland which clears the wastewater with plants undergoing natural biochemical processes. Here a page in French: Phytoepuration and here in German: Pflanzenkläranlage.

Further projects are:

  • compost toilets
  • rain water reservoir
  • insect hotels
  • green houses
  • natural pool
  • sustainable heating system
  • solar energy
  • food forrest

As you can see, there is still a lot of brain and 'heart' work to be achieved, to close the circle of sustainability and harmony. Therefore we ask you for your help and support.

Merci and love!

Your permaculture team
Merci beaucoup!

Your dedicated and hard working karma yogis with brave hearts Have a fantatic day!

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Permaculture Team