Anti Ice Education Workshops for Australian High Schools

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Australian Anti Ice Campaign

Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) aims to expose the drug Ice for what it really is, an insidiously poisonous chemical concoction that eventually, and often rapidly, destroys the physical and mental health of almost everyone who uses it, with the destruction of families and friendships, and often suicide, as the ultimate outcome.

The Australian ice epidemic

This insidious drug has formidable addictive power and only delivers disastrous consequences. It has become obvious that its usage continues to grow throughout all communities in Australia.

The purveyors of this drug have no conscience as to its effect on addicts. They are driven solely by monetary gain and are becoming more sophisticated and widespread.

Whilst our law enforcement agencies are engaged in a never-ending campaign to stop the distribution of Ice, these efforts must be complemented by a campaign to destroy its market base – starting with our children.

The AAIC education and support program

The AAIC Program has developed over the past four years to be based around training and employing people who have survived and recovered from Ice addiction. These presenters provide lived experience to help educate our youth, help people trying to recover from addiction, and help families deal with a loved one using Ice.

The AAIC is focused on four main goals:

1. The implementation of our Ice Education Workshop Program in High Schools, Clubs, and At Risk Industries across Australia.

2. Training and Equipping Presenters to fill the role of a “Lived Experience Buddy” to assist people trying to escape Ice addiction.

3. Additionally providing support and advice to families and loved ones of people trapped in Ice addiction.

4. Develop an effective community network to connect with people in addiction, at risk of addiction, or family members struggling with a loved one using Ice.

You can join the AAIC Army

Our first priority is to deliver our powerful "Not Even Once" Education Workshop to all Australian high school students.

Every $10 donated provides us with the funding to be able to deliver this program to one more Australian teenager. Every donation, no matter the amount, provides critical funding to help AAIC run education, support and awareness programs Australia wide.

Student will be given the knowledge and the tools to be able to say "No - Not Even Once" when they are almost inevitably offered this insidiously destructive and highly addictive drug Ice.

Every life matters – every family matters – every day matters!

Learn more about AAIC at

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Cruise GC aboard Life's Good