2018-2019 Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship

By Edom Wessenyeleh

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My journey back home...

As many of you know, I moved to London this past year to study public health amongst a diverse student body and be closer to regions in East Africa, where I’d like to work someday. In a turn of events, I’ll be staying on this side of the globe and moving to Ethiopia in a few weeks! In Addis Ababa, I will be working as a Health Program Officer Fellow at the International Institute of Primary Health Care. Ethiopia’s health care system is deeply resilient, and I cannot wait to work alongside health professionals dedicated to strengthening health systems and improving health equity. As excited as I am to contribute to important research and capacity building, I cannot wait to live and learn in a country that means so much to me. This experience will be invaluable for my personal growth and I look forward to reconnecting with friends and family. Thank you in advance for supporting the organization that allows EDF fellows like me to achieve their goals!

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Edom Wessenyeleh