Walk Camino de Santiago with PROJECT FUTURES

By Ranny Kang

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In 2009, I jumped into a rabbit hole in search of meaning and purpose not knowing that it would lead me on an epic bike ride across Cambodia to end human trafficking. Eight years later, my life continues to spiral it’s way up in a circular motion. This time around, I will be hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain with two of my best friends to raise money for the same organization, Project Futures.

During our hike through the Kumano Kodo in Japan, Stephanie Lorenzo, founder of Project Futures, asked if we would join her on the Camino, possibly her last adventure as CEO. Without hesitation, I committed. (Duh.)

Not only have I visited the rehabilitation shelters that the donations impact, I have also met the incredible young women who has gotten a second chance at life with the help of others. My life has never been the same since—and I will forever be in service of this cause and the mission to end human suffering at whatever capacity I can give. At the bottomline, I believe in the work of Project Futures, and it’s mission to educate, rehabilitate and end human trafficking, which is why I am comfortable asking my community for donations.

We often think that the best way to serve is to give our time not knowing that what these organizations doing work on the field, like Project Futures, are in need of resources—and the greatest resource is in our wallets. You don’t gotta travel across the ocean to volunteer to make a difference. Most times that difference can be made in a matter of minutes. Any and all donations are immensely appreciated. Thank you.

Love always,


There are an estimated 45.8 million people currently enslaved* in the world today and two million children will be sold into the sex trade in the next year**.

PROJECT FUTURES creates meaningful expereinces to connect, educate and empower our generation to end human trafficking and exploitation.

One of the ways PROJECT FUTURES raises funds for these projects is by facilitating international adventures to travel for purpose.

So, in August 2017, a team of 15 participants will travel to Spain to walk the UNESCO world heritage listed Camino de Santiago. The team will embark on the adventure of a lifetime to raise money for our international Impact Partners in Cambodia.

This team of changemakers will experience the most picturesque and poignant sections of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking scenic country roads and fascinating forest tracks, crossing glorious old villages and visiting unique cities born from the Camino trail. There really is no better way to enjoy Spain's rich legacy of history, culture, food and art than to experience the Camino with this wicked group.

More insight on the trip, including day-to-day itinerary, can be found here.

Each participant will be paying the cost of the trip themselves as well as fundraise $2,500 for our Impact Partners. Every dollar of the total raised by the team will be donated to our project partners who work on the ground to transform and restore the lives of those affected by human trafficking and exploitation.

Please contact [email protected] for more information or to register.

*Source: Global Slavery Index, Walk Free, ** Source: UNICEF

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