Salesforce for Nonprofits Crowdfunding Integration

What is Salesforce?

  • Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management platform that many nonprofits and charities use to manage their donor relationships

  • It allows nonprofits to run complex reports and create visualisations of the different relationships they have

  • gives registered charities 10 free licences through their Power of Us program

Get more out of Salesforce with

With the Salesforce Integration, you can now create a beautiful crowdfunding page on and have all your donor data automatically sent to Salesforce. No more downloading CSVs, running complicated ETL processes and then running a process to upload into Salesforce. You can now do all of this in two clicks.

Create a Salesforce campaign from your campaign

When you connect Salesforce to your campaign, we'll create a Salesforce campaign for you automatically.

This Salesforce campaign will be the hub that all donations and donors are linked to. You'll be able to see all your campaigns in one spot.

Create contacts automatically from your donors

Each time a donor donates, will create a new contact in Salesforce or match an existing contact.

We not only send Salesforce your donor contact information, but also their communication preferences.

Map donations to opportunities

For each donation, will create an opportunity in Salesforce with all the details to help you track the interaction.

You'll be able to run reports to segment your data at any point in time, or trigger emails based off these opportunities.

Ready to crowdfund with Salesforce?